Stress levels on the rise for 67% of Brits

67% of Brits are more stressed now than they were five years ago, with the most common stress triggers being work, sleep and finances, according to new research by mindfulness app Headspace.  

The study also found that stress levels appear to decrease with age. Students and younger people reported higher levels of stress than older generations, with 53% of generation Z feeling the pressure, versus just 29% of baby boomers.

The Christmas season sparks increased feelings of stress, with 42% of people saying they find the festive period especially stressful.

Buying christmas gifts (67%), hosting parties (64%), and spending time with family (56%) were the most common causes of yuletide tension. 

“The nuances of everyday challenges vary across countries, and even cities, but the commonality is that from time to time, everyone struggles with the mind,” said doctor Megan Jones Bell, chief science officer at Headspace. “These findings illustrate we’re more aware of stress than ever, but we’re not reducing our stress as effectively as we could."