Survey reveals aesthetic industry views on EU referendum

Published 21st Jun 2016 by PB Admin
Survey reveals aesthetic industry views on EU referendum

The Consulting Room has published the results of an industry survey on the EU referendum to gauge whether the aesthetics industry is pro or con the Brexit.

Consulting Room editor Lorna Jackson wrote an in-depth article on the issue for her members’ newsletter but has now made the piece available to the wider industry as the issue is such a hot topic of debate and interest.

Of those who responded, 72% owned a clinic business, 9% reported owning a distribution business and 5% a training company within the aesthetic industry. The majority of those who took part in the survey were doctors by specialty (46%), with 21% sales or managing directors, 17% nurses and 6% clinic managers making up the rest of the majority responders.

62% were Conservative voters, 11% Labour, 7% UKIP and 4% Liberal Democrat. 13% of responders chose not to state their preferred political party.

When it came to the all-important question of LEAVE or STAY, survey responders were clear – 53% said they would be voting to leave the European Union, with 39% choosing to stay, the remaining 5% were undecided, and 3% wouldn’t be voting or were ineligible to vote.

Split down by political party preference, 60% of Tory voters are choosing to LEAVE the EU, 31% to STAY in it and 9% are still undecided. Of the Labour voters, 83% are choosing to STAY in the EU, with 17% opting to LEAVE. 100% of UKIP voters are backing the LEAVE campaign. Liberal Democrats are even with 50% backing each option.

Of those who stated a preference not to divulge their favoured political party, 71% will be voting to STAY as part of the EU and 29% to LEAVE the union.

You can read the article in full here

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st Jun 2016

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