Syndeo: Hydrafacial's next-gen delivery system

Published 05th Apr 2023 by PB Admin

Hydrafacial has launched a new version of its iconic delivery system - Syndeo. Meaning connected in Greek, Syndeo Brings together the best innovations in science, design, technology and skincare, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to try it out. 

The next-gen device is designed with automation and customisation in mind making the Hydrafacial experience even more enjoyable - if I thought that could be possible - not only for the client but the therapist too. 

The Experience

Hydrafacial was the first facial I reviewed for the “high-tech facials” series I write for our sister publication Aesthetic Medicine and is still one of my favourites. I was back at the Hydrafacial Flagship store where I was greeted by lots of friendly faces including Lauren Gibson, the brand’s UK and Ireland country manager. I love this space as everyone is so warm and genuine and the team genuinely seem to function like a family.

Gibson was on hand to talk me through the sleek new Syndeo device which is lightweight and ergonomically designed for enhanced usability and functionality, particularly for clinics or salons offering combined treatments with other technology.

One of the first features of the new device that I loved is the incredible gesture control technology which means that the therapist hardly has to touch it to move between treatment steps reducing any risk of cross-contamination. The next was the option for the client to choose a light colour that emanates from the device that suits and soothes their mood whatever that may be. After being shown all of the gorgeous colours I settled for a pinky purple - I wanted to be calmed but also energised as I once I left the pearly gates of the flagship store, it was back to work!

The therapist can then go into the cloud updatable system to create a treatment protocol fully personalised to my skin which can be done during the consultation stage to save time.

The cloud-based system can also pull in data from that client's previous Hydrafacial treatments which could aid in the decision-making of the therapist when it comes to choosing products.

The system will then show the therapist a treatment overview after a last check prompt for patient eligibility which outlines all of the steps and very handily, which Hydrafacial tip to use.

The next techy feature I loved was the sensor tray which during the personalisation stage of set-up allows the therapist to load their chosen products into the tray that then automatically displays on screen - from the regulars like Hydrafacial’s Glycol Prep to boosters and lip treatments. Plus to combat the danger of counterfeit products the tray only reads Hydrafacial products. 

A really important and exciting feature of the device is the opportunity for therapist education as each step is accompanied by diagrams - from the direction in which to drain lymph from the face to the twisting technique of moving the tip for infusing the boosters. 

After going through all of the Hydrafacial steps my skin has come to know and love - Cleanse & Peel, Extract & Hydrate and Fuse & Protect - I was to receive the Murad retinol booster especially made for Hydrafacial containing Tri-Active technology and micronized collagen peptides to accelerate skin surface renewal and instantly plumps to minimize the look of wrinkles, even tone and boost glow. 

The treatment was polished off with some time under the Syndeo LED light which unlike the previous model is a foldable dome that allows for all-over hands-free coverage.

The device's updated “gunkie” jar that collects all of the debris sucked out of the skin during the extraction stage now features its own light and magnifying glass to illuminate all of that glorious gunk!

The Verdict

The Syndeo device delivers the same excellent results you can expect from a Hydrafacial but with so much added ease and comfort for the user as well as the client.

This was my first time trying the Murad retinol booster and I was blown away by the results.

After a long day of work the following day, I went to meet some friends for a drink who couldn't believe how good my skin looked. “What have you done to your skin,” they said. 

I have to admit I did look very glowing and radiant and my skin tone was so even. Dare I say it looked flawless... In the days following, I experienced my skin drying out a bit as to be expected with retinol but this settled to leave me with a gorgeous radiant complexion.

Business Benefits 

There are so many benefits to upgrading to the Syndeo system. From the ergonomic design which features only one hand-held pen which all of the tips and tools can be attached to making this system neater, more compact and more manageable for the therapist - to the wireless upgrades which skirt the need for maintenance call-outs. 

The possibilities for personalisation and education are unmatched while the functionality of the device allows multiple opportunities for time-saving, including a self-rinsing feature. The device really supports the therapist through the treatment eradicating any room for error, even in the busiest of clinic environments.  

Hydrafacial treatments start from £125 and add-on boosters cost an additional £40.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 05th Apr 2023

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