The beauty treatments our editors loved in 2022

As beauty journalists we're lucky enought to be invited to try out some of the most innovative and exciting beauty treatments on the market - and 2022 was no different.

From piercing to non-surgical face lifts, we've done it all. These were five of our favourites...

Tried and tested... EmSculpt

EmSculpt Treatment

The lowdown: Emsculpt – a BTL treatment – is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy and causes thousands of muscle contractions, forcing the muscle tissue to adapt and remodel its inner structure to build muscle and sculpt the body.

Triggering supermaximal muscle contractions, clinical studies revealed the treatment can increase muscle mass by up to 16%, while reducing fat by up to 19%.

The experience: I had four Emsculpt sessions at Therapié Clinic’s Wimbledon location.

Ahead of the first session I was asked to complete a consultation form outlining my medical history and what I was aiming to achieve from the sessions, which was for my core to feel stronger.

Therapist Tiziana Sergia, who provided all four sessions, explained that the results regarding fat loss can vary from person to person but, even if I didn’t see obvious fat loss, muscle would be building.

The treatment uses either one or two paddles, placed onto the body for 30-minute treatments, activating muscles 20,000 times in half an hour.

For my first treatment Sergia placed a single panel in the centre of my abdomen, starting the treatment intensity at 20%. Within a few minutes, I was up to 100% with a mixture of long and short sensations that felt like vibrations through my body, followed by tapping which helps to break up the lactic acid your muscles release.
While the treatment isn’t painful, the feeling was initially uncomfortable as it worked muscles

I hadn’t used for a while. I love to feel like a treatment is doing something, so was happy that I could feel every contraction deep in my abdomen.

After the first session I was able to leave and get on with my day with no downtime, which is a huge bonus. My abdomen felt slightly tender that evening and the following morning, but no worse than you would expect to feel after a good abs session in the gym.

For the subsequent sessions, Sergia and I agreed to up the ante with the addition of a second panel on my abdomen, which made the treatment feel more intense, but no more uncomfortable or painful.

Sessions two, three and four also left me with no downtime, just a slight ache, with each session becoming more comfortable as my body knew what to expect.
The verdict: At the end of the final session, we took a progress photo to compare to the first session, and, although I hadn’t miraculously dropped three dress sizes in three weeks, I felt a lot stronger in my core and my jeans were slightly easier to button up.

Sergia was right and, while I didn’t see huge inch-loss, my core felt significantly stronger when working out. I also felt as though I was bloating less after eating and during that time of the month my weight didn’t fluctuate as much as it usually would.

Business benefits: Emsculpt offers quick, 30-minute treatments with minimal physical work for therapists as the machine is fully automatic. Clients need to commit to course, meaning repeat sales. The treatment is great for clients who work out but want that extra bit of definition they’re failing to achieve in the gym.

Tried by Lollie Hancock

Tried and tested...LPG Deep Cleansing Endermologie Signature Treatment

The lowdown: LPG’s new signature facial launched towards the end of 2021 and was developed to restore skin radiance, work on fine lines and give a lifted appearance. Previously represented via a distributor, LPG now has a new UK subsidiary.

I went down to the group’s new head office in Hammersmith, London, which has a built-in treatment space, to try the treatment with LPG trainer Esther Simon.

The experience: After chatting to Simon about my skin goals – hydration and lifting – she cleansed my skin before exfoliating with LPG’s new Exfoliating Cream. Manual massage strokes are used to apply it, boosting lymphatic circulation to drain toxins.

Next came mechanical massage, using a vacuum treatment head with motorised flaps to gently stimulate skin on the surface, helping to oxygenate the tissue, reactivate the microcirculation, and boost the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The facial also includes a peel, using LPG Peeling Technology 20%, which contains glycolic and mandelic acids.

Simon applied this to my skin and left it to work for three minutes on the more sensitive areas across my cheeks and the full five minutes elsewhere.

She then rinsed it off before applying a cooling collagen mask. Simon explained the mask used similar technology to that used to treat burns patients, and unlike other collagen masks, it didn’t slide around while on.

More facial massage was performed during the 15 minutes that the mask was left on, before Simon removed it and applied Total Eye Care Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum and moisturiser.

The verdict: The mechanical massage part felt surprisingly relaxing and really helped to make my face feel firmer and appear more contoured.

Immediately after the facial, my skin was pink and flushed from the peel but that died down over a couple of hours and my skin was left smoother.

Business benefits: LPG recommends the facial is performed once or twice a month, depending on skin sensitivity. It can be offered as a “starter” before a programme to maximise the effectiveness of other treatments.

With both hands-on and machine massage, it offers the best of both worlds to clients who want results without sacrificing the luxury feel.

Tried by Eve Oxberry 

Tried and tested...Hydrafacial Platinum

Hydrafacial treatment

The lowdown: Hydrafacial combines peels, microdermabrasion and hydrating masks to leave clients’ skin glowing and refreshed, resurfacing while removing impurities and infusing the skin with serums. To celebrate the launch of its central London flagship, Hydrafacial is offering 750 free Deluxe appointments every month.

The experience: PB’s Lollie Hancock and Ellen Cummings both visited therapist Samantha Ruddock, who cleansed the skin before beginning with lymphatic drainage massage by using a high-pressure suction device. Then Hydropeel Tips were used to gently exfoliate and resurface the skin, with a blend of glycolic and salicylic acids providing a light peel.

Next, impurities and dirt were removed from pores with painless suction. Hydrafacial’s vortex-fusion technology was then used to infuse a serum containing peptides, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid into the skin.

Ruddock finished the treatment with blue LED lights, applied to combat acne and improve skin texture. The platinum package includes an “eye perk” to tone and hydrate the outer eye area, as well as a “lip perk” to lightly exfoliate and plump the lips. To protect the skin post treatment, Murad SPF 50 was applied.

The verdict:

Ellen: With no downtime, this treatment was quick and fuss-free. Seeing the impurities which had been removed at the end of the treatment was a great indicator of how effective it was, and I received so many comments about my glowing skin.

Lollie: With loud music, bright colours and open treatment areas, the tech-heavy treatment brings facials into the 21st century. Being able to see what was extracted is the icing on the cake for this treatment – I am now a #GunkieJunkie

Business benefits: Adds a tech-based offering to your treatment menu and a great pre-event treatment for clients looking to glow with no downtime.

Tried by Ellen Cummings and Lollie Hancock

The lowdown: This body-shaping treatment targets stubborn subcutaneous fat through a combination of technology, products and professional expertise. The products used contain Dibi Milano’s Lipo-Sculpt complex of active ingredients that help cell communication and lipolysis of fat deposits, stimulate fat consumption and promote fat-burning for energy.

The experience: I visited Vie Aesthetics on Harley Street, for a treatment with Maria Naskos. During the initial consultation, she determined my upper legs would most benefit from the treatment, before carrying out an initial manual massage.

After preparing my thighs with a smoothing cleanser, Naskos applied the Time of Ritual Glycolic Mixture Gel to exfoliate before applying the active ingredients. The first stage involved the Shaping Mask – an occlusive mask that encourages lipolysis and improves fat-burning – which is left on for 30 minutes.

Naskos then infused the Shaping Activator Milk-Serum and Smoothing ShapingCream into my skin using a Dermoregen machine, which the brand describes as “needleless mesotherapy”, and which increases serum absorption from 44% to 98%. The active ingredients in these products synthesise collagen and elastin while training the body to convert fat into energy, as well as using peptides and caffeine to hydrolyse triglycerides and boost lymphatic drainage.

The treatment finished with the Shaping Cream- Mousse, which transforms into a shaping and modelling cream when massaged into skin and reduces the formation of new fat deposits.

The verdict: I could feel this treatment having an internal effect immediately – my legs felt like they’d just had a workout! Naskos said the visible changes would be noticeable around two days after treatment, and she was right; my thighs definitely looked more toned a few days later. With a recommended course of two treatments per week for four weeks, the Shape Refine treatment would help to create a remodelled silhouette.

Business benefits: This treatment bridges the gap between technology and skincare by incorporating an array of active products alongside manual massage and needleless mesotherapy. The Shaping Cream-Mousse is also indicated as a take-home treatment, providing an opportunity for therapists to upsell to clients.

Tried by Ellen Cummings

The lowdown: Facialist Su-Man Hsu’s recently launched Ultimate Glow Facial combines high-performance products from her own skincare line with facial massage techniques and radiofrequency technology for a deeply cleansing and hydrating result in just 45 minutes.

The experience: I arrived at the Sofitel London St James and was taken down to the hotel’s spa – So Spa – where Su-Man currently has a residency.

After I’d filled out a consultation form to cover allergies, skin type and medical history, Su-Man came to meet me in the reception area before taking me down to her treatment room.

The nine-step treatment began with Su-Man analysing my skin and what it needed. She told me it was a little dehydrated and showing signs of stress.

The facial then began with a double cleanse while steaming the skin, which hydrates and helps products to penetrate deeper. The steaming also helped to open pores, which prepped my skin for manual extraction of blemishes.

Su-Man followed by using her exfoliating polish, combined with Zemits’ Skin Scrubber, a high-frequency ultrasound device that helps to extract and exfoliate while infusing the products into the skin and stimulating its metabolic function.

Su-Man’s facials combine technology with manual massage, and she followed the exfoliation step with a pressure-point massage to release tension. She told me people often ask what device she’s usingat this point of the treatment, when in reality it’s her own hands.

Following the massage, her Toning Essence and Brightening Serum are applied and worked into the skin using Zemits’ GlacierFacial Galvanic Therapy device on the hot setting, which was then followed by the Facial Glow Mask, used with the same device on a cold setting.

The treatment finished with a head and neck massage, and my skin was hydrated by the Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream as a final step.

The verdict: The treatment left me feeling super glowy and hydrated, and I immediately felt the difference in the tightness due to how dehydrated my skin was prior to the treatment.

Business benefits: At 45 minutes long, the treatment is ideal for clients who want a quick skin boost. The facial is also great for those who want to combine the benefits of technology with manual massage and facial techniques.

Tried by Lollie Hancock

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