The finishing touches that will create a flawless, long-lasting tan

What finishing touches should I do to give clients a flawless, long-lasting tan?

There are a few things you can do at the start and end of treatment to ensure your tans last longer. Before applying the solution, moisturise your client’s wrists to avoid them getting a “brown cuff” or a tan line that seeps into their palms. The cream ensures less product reaches the wrist and that the tan blends perfectly, but you can always go over the area with more moisturiser if it still looks too dark afterwards.

Avoid dreaded post-treatment sweat creases by sprinkling a little bit of talc in joins such as the inner elbows, behind the knees, under the arms and under the boobs, then dust it in with a bronzer brush. The talc will stop any heat and natural body moisture mottling the colour while it’s activating. It’s also worth using a make-up sponge or dry face cloth to buff over tricky areas like the ankle bone and feet to create a natural, blended finish.

To stop clients getting that dry, tight feeling on their face after tanning, advise they moisturise before coming in. Then, after treatment, blend the colour into the hairline with a pea-size amount of moisturiser, before using a cotton bud to clean product off eyebrows. You want to use an oil-free moisturiser that’s perfect for hydrating the skin while locking in the tan’s colour, keeping it intact for longer.

James Harknett is global creative consultant for professional tanning brand Fake Bake, which specialises in self-tan lotions, liquids, sprays and mousses.