The IMF: Prepping you for the effects of Brexit

Attending a international convention as the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum promises to keep you abreast of the facts, and discuss the vital areas to address if we are to avoid the cliff edge of a no deal Brexit.

The Convention will be hosting global experts from the cosmetic industry who will share innovative ideas to strengthen and expand your business during difficult times of change. For instance, Marie-Laure Simonin Braun from PAYOT will be exploring the topic of how a professional skincare brand moved from single to multi channel distribution. 

Skincare entrepreneurs should also remember that there are huge opportunities for export outside of Europe which will benefit from a weak sterling.The Forum welcomes Torsten Stocker and David Hampstead on stage to identify the opportunity of building brands with Chinese consumers. True entrepreneurs use challenges as opportunities to re-think and benefit from any given situation.

It is times like these where we can truly benefit from being in the same room, networking, sharing our challenges and learning from others who have proven to deliver successful business plans and reached out to new markets such as China, Korea and Scandinavia, which are demographics you will discover when attending the convention this year.

To keep you posted on the ever changing landscape, visitors are asked to attend Dr. Moddaresi's session on Sunday 24th of February. 

Dr Mojgan Moddaresi, CEO, Personal Care Regulatory Ltd, UK shares her guidance and gives potential attendees a taste of what they can expect to hear.

“If we leave without reaching any deal or transition period, brands with Responsible person (RP) in the UK should have a contingency plan for RP based in European Union and vice versa. Meanwhile, it is important to assure that the safety assessor qualification is acceptable in the member of the states that you choose as the new place of RP. In case of a so called Hard Brexit without any deal, if you are a UK manufacturer planning to sell your products in the EU 27 and the UK after Brexit then you will need a RP in the EU 27 (e.g. Ireland) and also the UK so as to cover the two regulatory regimes.

The same will apply for the Cosmetic Portal Notification Portal (CPNP). Your EU 27 RP will need to have the relevant products attached to them with the EU CPNP and your UK RP will need to have the relevant products notified under their profile for the UK CPNP. The RP should also assure the Product Information File (PIF) is up to date and the safety assessment is presented in a language acceptable by local authorities.”

Stay up to date with the developments of Brexit. If you supply to companies in the United Kingdom or export to the EU visit the the CTPA website.

Be proactive about this issue and book your place at the forum here.

Kirsty Mawhinney, Skin Insight Ltd