The most effective ingredients for treating menopausal skin

Published 18th Oct 2016 by PB Admin
The most effective ingredients for treating menopausal skin

What are the most effective ingredients for treating menopausal skin?

During the menopause, a woman’s oestrogen levels drop, which can cause several significant changes to the skin. Common symptoms include dryness, sensitivity, redness, loss of elasticity and hyperpigmentation, along with adult onset acne.

It’s not all bad news though; cosmeceutical-grade products and ingredients can offer real support to the skin during this difficult time. Peptides are well tolerated and perfect for more sensitive skins. For example, copper peptides are good at reducing inflammation while boosting collagen and elastin, and matrixyl 3000 is a peptide proven to increase depleted collagen production.

Lactic acid is the wonder AHA that resurfaces the skin and dramatically hydrates, stimulating the renewal of hyaluronic acid in as little as 48 hours and boosting dermal volume. When combined with mild salicylic acid it can be used to combat acne symptoms without drying out the skin.

Polyphenol antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid (found in green tea) can be useful because they have proven anti-redness and anti-pigmentation effects, and can be added to both clinical and natural products. Vitamin C is also an excellent ingredient for boosting collagen, protecting from free radical damage and brightening tired skin.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients can reduce reactivity and beta glucans are particularly effective, as are plant extracts such as calendula, chamomile and lavender. Broad-spectrum sun protection is crucial because menopausal skin is more susceptible to sun damage and pigmentation. Products with integrated antioxidants are best for this skin type. 

Sharon Cass is brand education manager at Skinbrands, responsible for the development of training and part of the product and treatment development team. Cass has more than 25 years’ experience in the skincare industry.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 18th Oct 2016

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