The Sunbed Association launches campaign to promote safe sunbed use

The Sunbed Association (TSA) has launched #ResponsibleTanningWeek, running from May 13 to 19. 

Following Sun Awareness Week last week (May 6-12), an annual event founded by the British Association of Dermatologists, TSA hopes the campaign will encourage safe sun exposure, whether on a sunbed or in the natural sun. 

TSA is a committee set up to promote responsible tanning with sunbeds and raise standards in the UV tanning sector. 

#ResponsibleTanningWeek is also designed to drive football into TSA member salons, where staff are trained to give correct advice and information about responsible tanning, and screen customers for contraindications. 

TSA chairman Gary Lipman said: “People love to tan and it’s important that people who are able to tan, do so responsibly, whether in the sunshine or on a sunbed. 

“Our members have trained staff who screen customers to check for any contra-indications to tanning. 

“Many people are under the misconception that tanning on a sunbed is a different type of UV exposure to the sunshine. It’s not, but tanning in a professionally run salon is a controlled dose of UV appropriate to the individual to avoid over-exposure and burning.” 

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