Top tips for entering the PB North Lash Championships

The North Lash Championships take place alongside Professional Beauty North at EventCity, Manchester on Sunday 13 & Monday 14 October 2019. The championships are open to both students and professionals.

The Lash Championships are open to both professional and student entrants and with three distinct categories to choose from. View the categories here. Please click here for rules and general competition information for all competitors in 2019. 

Competition director, Heather Hughes, let's us know her top tips that are essential for entering and succeeding in the Lash Championships!


  1. Thoroughly read through the criteria and schedule at least two weeks ahead of the competition. If you are unsure of any of the rules or criteria, ask the director to explain. 
  2. Print the competitor pack, make notes and highlight areas that you feel are important and take this with you to the competition. Read through it once again before you compete. 
  3. Decide who your model will be and what type of lashes you will use prior to the competition. 
  4. Practice 2-3 times prior utilising the same schedule as the competition so you are comfortable with the time frame given. 
  5. Map out the destination and determine how you will travel to the competition. If travelling more than one-to-two hours and you are competing in the morning, consider renting a hotel room nearby so you are there the night before. Do this early so you get good rates. 
  6. If your model isn’t travelling with you, make sure they have a badge printed out and they know where to meet you on the day so there are no delays. Competitors must have their model at check in. If check in closes, they are unable to compete. 


  1. Arrive early to pick a bed that suits you best and to have time to adjust it as needed. 
  2. Bring items that will make your model comfortable such as a blanket, pillow and bolster.  The more comfortable your model is, the less they will move about. You can also recommend your model brings music to listen to. 
  3. Wear clothes or a uniform that is comfortable yet professional. Should you win, you will be photographed on stage. 
  4. Bring back up tools in case you drop or bend your tools while working. 
  5. Find a case that will store all of your items so you can easily pack and unpack your materials as well as carry them.

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