Top tips on entering the Professional Beauty North Nail Championships

The championships, where nail technicians put their skills under the spotlight, are taking place on 18–19 September, alongside Professional Beauty North at Manchester Central. 

Why enter If you think of any nail tech who has excelled and made a name for themselves in the nail world it is from competing. Competitions help you raise your own standards and challenge yourself to improve.

Business benefits Clients love to see that you’re challenging yourself and striving to improve your skills. It shows commitment and determination, and if you win or get placed they know they are having their nails done by one of the top techs in the country. 

How to choose your category Choose what a category you will enjoy participating in, then perfect and master it. “When entering your first competition, pick a category that’s within your comfort zone and set yourself a goal of how many times per week you’re going to practice,” said Hazel Dixon, multiple nail competition winner and Professional Beauty’s Nail Professional of the Year 2016. “This is something you ordinarily wouldn’t do if you weren’t entering so it pushes you to focus on your weaker areas, which will help improve your salon work.”  

How to choose your model Your model’s hands should be in good condition, with elegant fingers and long nail plates. They must also have patience because they may have to sit for a long time getting their nails done. 

How to win points Make sure everything you should have is on your table and check rules carefully. Remember the below:

How to avoid losing points Don’t have any products on your desk that you’re not allowed, such as any oil-based products. Plain water sprays are allowed and will be tested by the floor judge. 

Now, it’s time to enter…

This year’s championship categories: