The aftercare advice to give to clients to prevent ingrown hairs post-wax

Ingrown hairs Q: What aftercare advice should I give clients to prevent ingrown hairs post-wax?

Ingrown hairs can be the bane of some people’s lives and are caused when a hair, which has grown out of the skin, has curled back round on itself and re-entered the skin.

It then becomes infected and causes a red, raised spot to appear, which can quite often be filled with pus. The spots can appear anywhere on the body and men quite often get them in their beard because the hair is particularly stubborn there.

In consultation, you need to talk to clients about the possibility of ingrown hairs appearing post-treatment and explain how they can help prevent them, from aftercare advice to recommending the right homecare products.

Firstly, tell clients not to pick an ingrown hair as this can lead to scarring or hyper-pigmentation. Stubborn ingrown hairs should be treated with a product containing salicylic acid as this helps free it by gently exfoliating the area, as well as tackling inflammation and fighting infection.

You should also advise clients to exfoliate two to three times a week to get rid of dead skin cells because ingrown hairs can often occur when the hair follicle is blocked. A gentle scrub with spherical grains that roll over the surface of the skin but don’t scratch or irritate is best.

Clients should also keep their skin soft and well hydrated post-treatment by moisturising with a body lotion daily, as this will stop the hairs from getting trapped and curling in on themselves.

Tracey Smith is director of Ashmara, which distributes wax brand Depiléve and Anesi skincare. She has 30 years’ experience training, selling and manufacturing skincare and waxing products.