Treatment review: Ticket to Tranquility at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel


The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London is achingly romantic, from the sweeping curve of the driveway to the high ceilings and the ornate gothic revival architecture.

Not to mention a staircase that can only have been designed with grand entrances in mind; arched windows looking out over the St Pancras train station platforms; bowler hatted doormen; and impeccably dressed waiters carrying trays of champagne to couples tucked away in dark corners.

This hotel would meet pretty much anybody's expectation of a romantic getaway and its spa doesn't fail to capitalise on this atmosphere. The treatments all have names inspired by the location, such as Time Traveller and Arrive and Revive.

I tried out Ticket to Tranquility, a 60-minute treatment that uses a mixture of Cinq Mondes and Aromatherapy Associates products. The treatment starts with a rhassoul body wrap by Cinq Mondes. The fine Moroccan clay is meant to be an excellent cleanser, drawing out impurities and “bringing new-found radiance to the skin”, as it’s phrased in the St Pancras Spa treatment menu.

The therapist wraps me in film, and gives me a head and scalp massage while the clay does its work. After 15-20 minutes she invites me to hop off the bed and shower the clay off. I'm so relaxed I can barely stir but somehow I manage it. I'm glad the lights are dim. It enables me to remain pleasantly drowsy as I stand under the hot shower.

Before starting the 30-minute facial my therapist applies a layer of Cinq Mondes’ Sublime Body and Hair Oil and wraps me up so I’m warm and cosy. She chooses Aromatherapy Associates’ products from the Soothing range, as I have sensitive skin which stings if I use products that are highly perfumed; starting with the Soothing Cleansing Balm with German and Roman camomile and liquorice. 

This is followed by the Soothing Skin Tonic featuring camomile, arnica and liquorice, and the Rose Exfoliating Cleanser (from the Hydrating range) – which smells divine. There is another quick once-over with the tonic to remove any residue from the scrub and then a lovely face massage with the Soothing Face Oil with camomile and evening primrose. 

A quick dab of the Hydrating Firming Eye Serum is quickly followed by the Instant Skin Soothing Serum containing cotton thistle, arnica and Roman camomile and finally a layer of Soothing Daily Repair Moisturiser with omega oils. I was extremely relaxed during the treatment, I adored the venue, and the products were all lovely.

The treatment is priced at £100-£110 for one hour depending on the day of the week