Treatment review: Clear Lift

Sunny Sahota tries out the Clear Lift facial and discovers a quick and results-focused treatment that delivers noticeable results

The story: The Clear Lift system from Alma Lasers uses a fractional non-ablative Q-switched laser to deliver facial treatments said to generate instantly visible results and produce a clear, glowing complexion.

A laser resurfacing treatment designed to firm skin, the Clear Lift sends photoacoustic shockwaves to the target area to break down old and encourage the creation of new, healthier collagen – to the benefit of the overall health and appearance of the skin. Concerns that can be addressed with a Clear Lift treatment include dullness, pigmentation, redness, broken blood vessels, uneven skin, fine lines and wrinkles and slight sagging.

The experience: After a 3D skin scan at the HB Health clinic in Knightsbridge, West London,I was recommended a Clear Lift facial to address my pigmentation problems. As a teenager, I suffered from mild acne and this, coupled with frequent trips to India where I spent time in the sun without wearing SPF, means my skin is now showing signs of pigmentation and other damage.

Following the skin scan, I then went over my skincare regime, as well as my objectives and what I was hoping for from the treatment, with my therapist and was given a patch test to make sure there were no allergic reactions, before returning for my treatment appointment a week later.

During the appointment my therapist, Sam, started by explaining that she would be concentrating on my cheeks; my main problem area. The machine made a popping sound and the handpiece initially felt slightly cold on my skin but the procedure was not at all painful. 

Having experienced a number of clinical facials in the past that were quite uncomfortable, part of me had, to be honest, been expecting the worst before this appointment. Luckily, however, none of these fears were realised during the Clear Lift experience. The treatment was also very brief, over in just 20 minutes, after which my skin felt softer and smoother and looked glowing, rejuvenated and more plumped.

To conclude, Sam applied an aloe vera gel and an SPF30 to soothe and protect my skin. I was also advised not to put any any makeup on straight after. There was no downtime at all, which was a real benefit, and I went out for dinner with friends afterwards without it being at all visible that I’d just had a treatment.

Business boost: A quick and effective facial that can make a difference to clients’ skin without being invasive or requiring downtime could be a real benefit for a spa. Results-focused treatments are now at the top of customers’ wish list and offering a facial like Clear Lift could help grow your return clientele and drive revenue for your business.