Treatment review: Kissed by Mii spray tan

There's a first time for everything, including a spray tan. World Spa & Wellness gets Kissed by Mii in a tanning experience with great results.

The story: I had never had a spray tan so when I was offered a Kissed by Mii treatment at the new Swinton Country Club & Spa in the UK (covered in the November/December issue of this magazine), I couldn't say no.

A spray tan is quick and easy and, with the UK autumn/winter season being notoriously sun sparse, it seemed a good time of year to try one. I might have a pretty good base colour, being mixed-race, but that doesn't mean I'm not in need of the occasional top-up.

The experience: My therapist, the friendly Laura, explained the steps in the 25-minute treatment, and we discussed shades. Since it was my first spray tan I didn't feel like being all that adventurous, so we went for the safe medium option of a Mild Tan. Laura then left so I could get changed into disposable pants and put on the sticky feet, also disposable, designed to prevent excess solution from being absorbed into the soles of the feet.

Once she returned, Laura began by spraying the front of my body, starting with the face (advising me to close my eyes and mouth during this part) and working her way down via my shoulders, chest and outer and inner arms and legs. The tanning mist felt light and cool, though not freezing, and although I inevitably felt a little chilly during the treatment (you are, after all, not wearing very much), it was in no way unpleasantly cold.

Laura then asked me to turn around so she could spray the back of my body, and to hold out my arms while she did. It was then time to spray the sides, as I turned first to the left and then to the right, holding my arms straight up so Laura could spray under the arms, and all the way down to the ankles.

The spray tan concluded with a second coat all over my body, with the exception of my face and my hands. She reminded me to avoid the sauna, steam room and pool after my treatment, and to wait six to eight hours before taking a shower, to give the tan time to develop.

The tan lasted about a week and I was very happy with the result. It had a warm, natural glow that made my skin look smother and healthier and I also found it completely non-sticky, with a pleasant scent that was slightly sweet but subtle and non-intrusive. Definitely a treatment I would have again.

Business boost: A treatment in its own right, a spray tan is also a great add-on and works well as part of a spa package. It’s particularly good for hotel spas with a significant wedding clientele, as it’s a popular option with hen and bridal parties.