Treatment review: Lash Perfect Russian Layering

Image credit: Lash Perfect

Here at PB we’re incredibly lucky to be regularly invited to try amazing treatments and call it work. Having only been on the team since April there was one treatment in particular I was dying to try out – lash extensions. I’d heard so many glowing reviews about how extensions can liberate you from a full face of make-up, and seen pictures of barefaced ladies with big, bright, pretty eyes surrounded by fluttery lashes. I was desperate to try it for myself.

I was very excited when I received an email inviting me to experience Russian Layering eyelash extensions from Lash Perfect London trainer Kristina Shepherd, at her salon in Welling, Kent. 27 Two 6 Beauty is a cosy treatment room at the back of a hair salon and the lovely Kristina got me settled on the treatment couch and first took me through a consultation where she asked what sort of look I wanted and explained the whole process, including that it would take around two hours (!) and that I would be left with 400 plus lashes on each eye (!!). Russian layering is designed to give a full, voluminous effect, but I asked Kristina not to give me anything too long or dramatic.

She said that while my natural lashes are a nice length they’re quite straight, so we decided on a little length, a little curl and a decent amount of volume to make my lashes stand out without looking full on glamorous. Kristina cleaned and prepared my natural lashes and placed a gel patch under each eye, which felt a bit uncomfortable at first because it has to sit right under the lower lash line. It was then a simple case of getting to work on applying two or three of the synthetic, ultra-fine individual lashes onto each of my own. This is when I understood why it takes so long! She used B & C curl lashes in 9mm, 10mm and 11mm lengths to give me a pretty, fanned-out look.

We chatted throughout and Kristina was very good at answering all of my questions clearly, explaining the exact process, the tools involved and how Russian Layering differs from the other Lash Perfect techniques. I also asked lots of nosey questions about her training and work teaching other therapists Lash Perfect techniques. At one point my eyes started to sting and become quite uncomfortable, so Kristina instructed me to open them slightly while she puffed in some air, which quickly sorted it out. She explained that some time into application the fumes from the medical-grade glue can irritate the eyes, but reassured me about the possibility of a reaction.

It does require some patience to lie on a couch for two hours perfectly still and not actually fall asleep. Had I been a ‘normal’ client without loads of questions to ask I’m almost certain I would have drifted off, especially because I could hardly feel Kristina working away. There was absolutely no pressure on my eyelids to adhere the lashes, and she worked so efficiently with two pairs of tweezers (each has a different function) that I was amazed how such a delicate application can give long-lasting results.

When the time came for the big reveal, I was completely in awe of my gorgeous new lashes. They are thick, full and fluttery without looking fake, and make my eyes look so much bigger. Kristina went through all the after care details and even gave me a bag of Lash Perfect goodies to help care for my lashes, including the Black Mascara, Finishing Glaze, some lash brushes, oil-free Eye Makeup Remover and some special cleansing cloths to gently remove eye-makeup without damaging the lashes.

Two days later and I’ve lost one or two lashes, which Kristina said is to be expected in the first 24-hours. I’ve also had two showers wearing goggles to enable me to wash my face while protecting the lashes from water for the first 48-hours. The goggles weren’t part of the aftercare advice but I just have to wash my face in the morning otherwise I feel groggy, so I’m actually quite impressed with my genius solution. Kristina warned me that lash extensions often become an addiction and it’s safe to say I’m already hooked.

My lashes before...

and after...

Lash Perfect suggests charging £80-£120 for a full set. Call the brand on 020 8500 9028, or 27 Two 6 Beauty on 020 8303 9385