Treatment review: Murad Technoceuticals Retinol Dual-Phase Power Peel

Skincare brand Murad has upped its treatment offering with a retinol peel that promises to tackle tough blemishes and wrinkles. Georgia Seago gives it a try.

The lowdown: The most intense of Murad’s new Technoceuticals range of peels, the Retinol Dual-Phase Power Peel layers retinol with a tri-acid complex of AHAs for enhanced penetration. While the peel is aimed at mature skins with loss of firmness or “severe” lines and wrinkles, Murad’s director of education and training Tracey Wilmot said it would help clear up my spots and blackheads.

The experience: After getting my peel history to make sure my skin could tolerate the treatment, Wilmot double cleansed my skin with Essential C Cleanser, using steam for a deep clean. She then applied Prepping Solution and protected my lips with Soothing Skin and Lip Care before swiping a pre-soaked Retinol Infusion Treatment swab over my face, neck and décolleté. This was layered with the AHA Active Peel. Both products are packaged in single-use tubes. The therapist would usually do a hand-and-arm massage while the retinol treatment was on, but because clients would usually be stepped up to this peel, Wilmot left it on for just three minutes rather than the usual 10. I got my massage after Wilmot applied Soothing Cream Mask. My skin was sealed with new Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil, followed by Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture and Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30. As a closing ritual she wiped a warm towel over my back and shoulders and massaged in Youth Builder Massage Cream. The peel itself was comfortable and effective – five days later and my skin is totally clear.

Business benefits: Murad has created a luxurious ritual around this peel, which may be more intense than spa clients are used to. Touches such as the massage elements and closing ritual elevate a treatment in which some clients may experience slightly uncomfortable sensations on the skin to a nurturing and enjoyable experience. The pre-measured, single-use solutions ensure no product is wasted, and therapists can demonstrate their expertise by determining how long to leave the treatment on the skin. There are also three new homecare serums depending on the client’s main skincare concern that led them to the treatment.

Murad recommends charging from £65 for the treatment.