Treatment review: Pevonia Sensory Wellness Journey

Features editor Georgia Seago visits The Peak Health Club & Spa at Jumeirah Carlton Tower to try the Sensory Wellness Journey by Pevonia, designed to soothe and restore

The lowdown:

The Peak Health Club & Spa at the Jumeirah Carlton Towers in Knightsbridge, London, has partnered with spa skin and body care brand Pevonia on a signature ritual. The Jumeirah Sensory Wellness Journey by Pevonia combines a full-body exfoliation and hydration with a mini facial and lets clients personalise the treatment through their choice of aroma.

The client’s preferred scent is carried through all products used in the treatment, making for a holistic, restorative approach. 

The experience:

Clients are invited to begin by choosing their preferred scent from the Body Renew Bathing Pleasures range: Jasmine & Lavender, Peach & Vanilla or Pineapple & Coconut. 

I was offered a juice shot inspired by each fragrance and given all the Bath Salts scents to smell, quickly arriving at Peach & Vanilla, apparently the most popular choice. Settled on the couch, my therapist Jouyee Lui relaxed me with a short massage over a warm towel. 

She then smoothed a scrub infused with my chosen scent over my body with deep, tension-relieving strokes, taking care not to irritate my skin with too much pressure or repetitive movements. 

Once removed with hot flannels, Lui applied the Peach & Vanilla Body Moisturiser and asked me to turn over for the mini facial. This included a deep cleanse, exfoliation and moisturise with lightly hydrating products to soothe and balance my combination skin.

Business benefits:

This 75-minute ritual is the perfect way to introduce clients to Pevonia’s ethos, results and aromatic body care collections. The Body Renew Bathing Pleasures products are available in organza-packaged gift sets, easy to retail to clients to continue their experience at home. 

The focus on the scents and ingredients of the products present further options to personalise the treatment and add yet more value, such as the bespoke juices for each fragrance combination.

The Peak Health Club & Spa charges £130 for the treatment.