Treatment review: Skin Regimen Urban Longevity Facial

Comfort Zone’s Urban Longevity Facial claims to tackle the effects of stress and pollution on the skin, we give it a try.

The story: Launching this month, the Urban Longevity Facial claims to tackle the effects of stress and pollution on the skin. It uses products from Comfort Zone’s standalone, unisex skincare collection Skin Regimen.

The protocol includes massage techniques inspired by Qigong and modern physiotherapy and the facial is available as a 60-minute or express 30-minute treatment.

The treatment: I had my treatment with Kirsty
 Eaton, field trainer for Comfort Zone, at the South Kensington Club in London.

After a consultation to address my skin needs, which included hydration and getting a healthy glow back, Eaton warmed two drops of Skin Regimen Blend in her hands and asked me to inhale deeply, before moving her hands up along the base of my neck and into my hair.

Unlike a traditional facial, the massage element came first, which included a scapula-chest stretch and vibrational movements on my outer and inner arms.

My face was then cleansed before Microalgae Essence was applied, to recharge and hydrate, followed by rolling roullage to stimulate microcirculation and detox. I’d never experienced this type of massage before and although firm, it felt like my muscles were being lifted.

Next came the peel to target dehydration. It
was left on for 10 minutes and only mildly tingled while Eaton performed rocking movements on my trapezius.

Once removed, the Skin Regimen neutralizer was applied followed by a hyaluronic acid HA Booster and another application of Microalgae Essence, before finishing with Tripeptide Cream.

This is one of the best facials I’ve
 ever had. The increased massage elements left
 me feeing de-stressed while the peel and superfood -rich products left my skin decongested and dewy.

Business boost: Offering this treatment, especially as an express version, allows you to tap into a market of time-poor clients who are looking for a quick but targeted solution.

Tried by Amanda Pauley

Comfort Zone recommends charging £60
 for the 60-minute treatment. Call the brand
 on 020 3301 0496