Treatment review: Sofri Energy Cosmetics Signature Method

The lowdown:

Austrian skincare brand Sofri Energy Cosmetics works on the principles of colour therapy, combining holistic energy work with products developed by biochemists that claim to influence the mind and skin. Products are categorised by colour and the shade a client is drawn to in consultation is indicative of what their skin needs.

The experience:

I had my 70-minute Sofri treatment at Ivo Venturi Medispa in Knightsbridge, London. I was drawn to yellow, which is representative of the solar plexus chakra and is said to indicate new things in life – perhaps the new treatment I was about to try?

I was also given the two shades that complement yellow (lilac and violet) and my “age colour” which was green. These colours were representative of the product lines my therapist would use during treatment. After cleansing and toning, therapist Delice Akyuz applied Enzyme Peeling Yellow to address my oiliness, a mild exfoliating gel with fruit acid enzymes to mop up excess sebum.

Next was the Yellow Ampoule with sugar derivative pentavin to do more sebum-regulating work, with which Akyuz massaged in, followed by the Orange Mask to boost the ampoule’s ingredients. While the mask was on, Akyuz carried out an arm and hand massage with the caramel-apple-cake-scented Colour Energy Massage Candle Green, which was warm and buttery-soft.

We finished up with Basic Cream Lilac and Neck and Décolleté Cream. Akyuz then instructed me to start taking care of the skin on my neck because signs of neglect are already starting to show, followed up with product recommendations.

Business benefits:

Salons wanting to explore holistic treatments could attract clients into energy work and colour therapy with this brand. The colour choice consultation would make clients feel special, as would the personalisation in treatment, with each tailored to their energy, skin needs and stage in life. The massage candle is also a great way for clients to practise self-care at home.

Tried by Georgia Seago

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