Treatment review: The Timeless Prodigy facial from Skeyndor

Indulgent effects

Relaxation meets results with Skeyndor’s new Timeless Prodigy facial

The story: Launching in conjunction with the skincare line of the same name, Skeyndor’s Timeless Prodigy facial is a results-driven 90-minute treatment that combines luxury with efficiency. Though the brand recommends it as a course of treatments for more mature clients, a one-off appointment is said to give a boost to anyone’s skin, regardless of age. 

The treatment: My one-and-a-half-hour-appointment at The Peak Health Club & Spa at London’s Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel began with a thorough face cleanse in one of the spa’s warm and cosy treatment rooms. This was followed by the application of the D-Tox Royal Jelly, comprising champagne and a cocktail of antioxidants, including polysaccharides, to detox the skin.

Once the champagne jelly had been removed, my therapist, Joey, moved on to the Damask Rose Stem Cells Concentrate. A gel featuring low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it’s incorporated into the treatment to revitalise, tighten and moisturise the skin and to protect against pollution.

The anti-ageing focus continued with the use of the 3D Collagen Mesh Mask For Face And Neck, applied to trigger collagen production, and firm and tone the skin. During the 25-30 minutes the mask remained on, Joey carried out a neck and shoulder massage, using the kind of strong pressure that was just right for the tense muscles I had in that area.

This type of add-on can sometimes come across as just a strategy for passing the time. In this case, however, it really felt like an important part of the treatment; a way to make sure no time was wasted.

The facial concluded with the application of the rich Redensifying Cream of White Truffle to deeply hydrate the skin, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and give a brighter, energised appearance. At the end, my tired and slightly bleary winter skin felt invigorated and awake and I was more than happy to leave the spa without putting foundation back on.

Business boost: Today’s spa clients might be focused on instant and visible results but that doesn’t mean they don’t want relaxation and indulgence too. That makes a facial like Timeless Prodigy, which offers both, a great option.
Tried by Nora Elias

The Essentials 
The 90-minute Timeless Prodigy facial is £220 at The Peak Health Club & Spa. Skeyndor recommends charging from £120 for the treatment, depending on location.