Tried and tested: BTL X-wave

My concern about having an X-Wave treatment was that it would hurt. I’d watched a video of the machine, which uses acoustic sound wave therapy, in action and the highly charged electric shock noises had me slightly scared. I had my session at Evotone in Kensington with Kamila Peleszkiewicz, who said I would respond well to the treatment thanks to the particularly bad cellulite sprinkled over my thighs and buttocks. She also pointed out that the veins on the backs of my legs were quite noticeable and that the kinetic energy generated from the treatment would get the blood flowing and help diminsh their appearance.

The sound waves created by the X-Wave induce vibrations in the body that penetrate the tissue, breaking up fatty cellulite deposits and increasing lymphatic drainage and, therefore, elimination of fat cells. Peleszkiewicz applied some ultrasound gel and explained the machine would indicate when 10 minutes were up; at which point she’d move onto the other leg and repeat the process. She moved the hand-piece with firm pressure in circular, looping motions, stopping when she found a particularly fatty nodule to concentrate the device on for targeted fat blasting.

It was most painful on the outsides and insides of my thighs but overall wasn’t actually that bad, and definitely bearable for two 10-minute sessions on each leg with a break in between. Peleszkiewicz usually recommends a course of eight to 10 treatments and says clients can expect to see results after three months, but I actually saw a difference after just one. As she predicted, the veins on the backs of my legs really did disappear and despite a lot of redness, I didn’t develop any bruising. Most crucially, the area looked noticeably smoother, tighter and healthier – the experience turned out to be more gain and less pain than I was expecting.

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Tried by Georgia Seago