Tried and tested: Skinov8 Aesthetics Ultimate Sonic Cleanse

The Ultimate Sonic Cleanse from new brand Skinov8 Aesthetics is a professional sonic skin cleansing brush to deliver smoother and brighter skin and aid in deep cleansing. There are three attachments: the microdermabrasion cleansing brush, sensitive brush and wrinkle reducer. The device can be used daily with a cleansing product or to infuse serums, oils and moisturisers into the skin using just the sonic pad and no attachment. The wrinkle reducing head is specially designed to work anti-ageing products into wrinkles and fine lines, relaxing facial stress along the way.

I was a little apprehensive to try the Skinov8 cleansing brush after bad experiences with similar devices in the past. The key difference though is that this one vibrates at (4,700 movements in one minute) and comfortably revitalises the skin, as opposed to other cleansing brushes that oscillate back and forth. I’ve found this action to be quite irritating and abrasive on my skin, so I love that the Skinov8 works through vibration rather than movement.

I started off with the sensitive brush head every other day in the morning for a week with my gel cleanser, moving it slowly in small circular motions over my forehead, each cheek, nose and chin areas. All together it takes around one minute to cleanse the entire face, and as it’s water-resistant it’s definitely something I can easily incorporate into my morning shower routine. The brush head was soft and gentle on my skin and I wasn’t left feeling sensitised or looking at all red after use, as with some other brushes.

The device doubles up as a really effective hand-held massager and provided some welcome relief to my tight shoulders and neck while sitting at my desk during the day. The vibrations are really soothing and relaxing on muscles, and I also used the device without a brush head over my facial oil at night a couple of times during the week, which left me super glowing – something I’ll be doing regularly before bed.

I’m planning on trying the microdermabrasion head as part of an at-home facial, and will follow it with a deep-acting mask to ensure it can really penetrate the skin and work as efficiently as possible.

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with how well I’m getting on with the Skinov8 Ultimate Sonic Cleanse. It gives a deep, satisfying cleanse without any irritation and makes it easier for skin care products to do their job – just what a cleansing brush should do. Bonus: it comes with a stand to store the brush, helping to keep it clean and dry.

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