Turn heads with Salon by Premier Software

Give your business a makeover with Premier Software’s new flagship management software solution, Salon by Premier Software.

Designed specifically for the hair and beauty industry, Salon has all the functionality needed to run an independent or franchised salon. When utilised fully, it is your personal assistant, marketing manager, social media guru, receptionist, accountant and business partner all rolled into one.

Features that will raise an eyebrow include social media, marketing, client cards, retail, loyalty reward scheme, scheduling, configuration, reports, online plus a variety of additional functions required specifically to run the beauty side of your salon:

Room allocation: Never double-book again with an advanced scheduling system that only enables certain treatments to be booked in allocated rooms.

Equipment allocation: As many treatments require additional equipment, Salon allows you to allocate equipment by appointment or room to prevent double booking.

Medical: Protecting your staff and clients is essential. Salon’s medical questionnaire ensures your staff are fully in-tune with each client’s wellbeing.

Package bookings: Beauty packages are a great way to introduce clients to new services, products or a new member of staff. Salon helps determine which package to offer and helps entice new clients.

Contra-indications: Ensuring your clients do not book conflicting treatments or book their next visit too soon is important to their overall welfare. Salon’s intuitive software will warn you of conflicting treatments and allow your staff to offer an alternative date or option.

RSI indicators: Your team’s welfare is paramount to the salon’s success. Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) are not uncommon and protecting against further injury is essential. Salon records staff injuries and allows you to limit the number of treatments staff undertake.

If you would like to discover how Salon can help your business grow, visit: www.premiersalon.co.uk or call 01543 466580 to book your free presentation.