UK named the third most body confident country

The UK has been revealed as the third most body confident country, according to new research from online beauty retailer Cult Beauty.

The research, which analysed Google searches, Instagram hashtags and a number of online articles, placed the UK in third position, behind the USA in second and India, which it named as the most body confident country.

With a 250% increase in worldwide Google searches for body inclusive terms such as "love my body", "body confidence" and "plus size", and over 1.5 million Instagram posts with the hashtag #bodyconfidence and 10.5 million using #bodypositivity, there has been a huge shift in consumer attitudes towards body positivity as body confidence rises. Earlier this year it was revealed that 71% of women want to see beauty brands promoting body positivity.

The UK received a total result of 42,120 across monthly Google searches for body inclusive terms (33,880), number of Instagram posts using body confidence related hashtags (2,920) and number of articles around body confidence (5,320). Brits are responsible for the second highest amount of Instagram posts using body positive hashtags, only behind Australia (3,900).

The UKs Most Body Confident Countries

Rank Country Number of monthly Google searches for body inclusive terms Number of "body confidence" Instagram hashtags Number of body confidence articles in the past year Total results
1 India 111,830 1,900 780 114,510
2 United States 83,301 1,976 18,220 103,497
3 UK 33,880 2,920 5,320 42,120
4 Turkey 31,830 1,600 341 33,771
5 Phillipines 30,020 1,960 1,232 33,212
6 Indonesia 27,770 1,640 978 30,388
7 Thailand 20,410 2,600 638 23,648
8 Australia 16,460 3,900 1,760 22,120
9 Malaysia 14,950 1,500 1,231 17,681
10 Sri Lanka 13,680 1,260 1,738 16,678

The research comes after the Government released a report on the impact of body image on mental and physical health.

Body confidence expert and author Astrid Longhurst shared five tips you can share with your clients to help them become more body confident.

1. Surround youself with positive energy - become a feel good magnet

“Decide that you are not defined by your body, but by how much joy you feel. Create this every day by mentally visualising yourself feeling happy and content with all that your day will bring you.”

2. Focus on what brings you alive and what you love about you

“Write a self-appreciation journal. Every single day write three to five things that you appreciate about yourself (they can be the same things every day). This simple exercise can be a game changer!”

3. Refuse to compare yourself to others - you are your own masterpiece

“We are all individual works of art and that is what makes us our own living masterpieces. If you are ever tempted to judge someone as being better than you in any way say quietly to yourself, 'They’re amazing and so am I!'. This helps to build a sense of inclusivity, rather than feeling separate from others and yourself.”

4. Rescript your body story and cut out negative self-talk

“Make positive grateful statements or affirmations for having already achieved all that you want in the present tense. For example, 'I am so grateful that I am full of health and vitality' or 'My body is my greatest friend'. Read your new life and body script every day and allow yourself to really feel the joy of how this would feel! Repeat daily with enthusiasm!”

5. Move into happiness

“Sit or stand and gently bounce up and down. Breathe in and out for four counts each. Allow yourself to smile broadly and say out loud (or just in your head) 'I am fabulous!'. Even five minutes of embodying an elevated emotion can have a significant positive effect on your health and immune system. If you feel slightly ridiculous, you know that it’s working!”

What advice do you give your clients to help them feel more body confident? Let us know in the comments...