UK salons see 50% annual increase in male clients

Published 21st Oct 2015 by PB Admin
UK salons see 50% annual increase in male clients

Image: Clarins

The average UK salon has treated 50% more male clients this year compared to 2014, says a new survey by Babtac.

A poll of 784 salon owners revealed the increase, with 76% answering that they had seen more male customers coming through the business in 2015 compared to 2014. Everyone asked was over 18 years old and had owned their salon for more than two years. Each respondent was first asked if they had seen more, less or no change in the number of male clients. 8% said they had seen a decrease this year.

An average 50% was calculated by the team working on the survey after asking respondents to give a percentage increase in the number of male clients they had seen coming into the salon, and were free to answer 0% if there was no change or a negative percentage if the number had dropped.

The treatments most popular with male clientele was revealed by those who felt an increase in male client numbers: facial hair services were indicated as most popular, followed by massages, nail services, hair services and teeth whitening.

Jason Phillips, chairman of Babtac, commented: "Times are changing - beauty is not a 'woman's thing' anymore. Many salons offer treatments specifically tailored to the male audience, but much of the services offered are actually unisex. We urge salons to embrace their male clientele and introduce more men into beauty and relaxation; we all need a little pampering and time out from our hectic lives!"

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 21st Oct 2015

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