Warpaint Make-Up Championship winners share their experiences and advice

The Warpaint Make-up championship recognises the next generation of industry talent in the world of make-up and body painting. Winning a category also wins you acclaim among your peers and places you above the competition in your field. Here, former winners share their advice on what it takes to win and what the accolade means to them.

“I was absolutely thrilled to win the body painting category. I would probably say the impact of my design gave me the edge. Placing in the top three at a recognised competition definitely helps to raise an artist's profile within the industry and can persuade clients when they are looking to book an artist, so I am very grateful to the judges for selecting my piece.” – Brierley Thorpe, 2015 Body Painting winner

“I always enter the awards with the intention of having fun and learning from the experience. I think my winning designs were successful because I did a lot of research and came up with ideas with a twist. I also had an unusual and detailed mood board that linked my design with the look of the model to create a uniform piece. The big plus about entering the competitions is getting your work seen and meeting people. I’m very proud to have won.” – Angela Youngs, 2015 winner of SFX and Pro Artis.

“The Warpaint competition is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever been part of. I was really satisfied with my final outcome in terms of make-up, hairstyling and outfit, and I’m glad that the judges agreed on that. Winning has opened up new job opportunities and I would definitely encourage all talented professionals to take part in this amazing challenge.” – Azzurra Cogotti, 2015 Fashion winner.

This year’s North Warpaint Make-up Championships will take place on 19 September at Manchester Central as part of Professional Beauty North. Find out more information, download the competition pack and enter HERE.