We tried: Moisturising Revitalizing Emulsion by Escargot Collection

Name of product:  Moisturising Revitalizing Emulsion

Brand: Escargot Collection

Skin Type: All skin types

USP: Enriched with a luxurious and intensely hydrating snail filtrate extract

Type of product: Facial emulsion

Product Purpose: To hydrate, improve roughness, revitalise and brighten the skin

Application process: The emulsion is in a cylindrical bottle with a screw top. I took the top off, flipped the bottle over and shook it to get a bit of the emulsion into my palm. It has a very light thin texture. I gently massaged the product into my face and it absorbed into my skin immediately.

Post-product application: After applying the emulsion my skin feels lightly moisturised and soft. I used this product for a few weeks and my skin became much brighter and more glowing.

Overall product review: I will definitely keep this emulsion in my daily routine as I feel how my skin has improved – it is much more hydrated now and looks much more healthy. The packaging of the product means I can easily control how much of the product I want to use.

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