Wellness as a status symbol a key 2017 trend

Wellness is increasingly becoming a status symbol, according to new research by Euromonitor International.

The market researcher pinpointed wellness as a status symbol as one of the key trends of the year in its recent Top Global Consumer Trends for 2017 report.

Dedicated consumers are willing to pay a premium for boutique fitness sessions, high-end athleisure wear and food with health benefits, as they “flaunt their passion for wellness”, Euromnitor said.

Far from being limited to the gym, athleisure is widely worn as “consumers signify that health and wellness matters to them”.

A growing number of new fitness types are emerging as consumers seek to pair mental wellbeing with physical activity, including fusion exercise including BoxingYoga and a Hong Kong-based trampoline studio.

A new generation of trendy gyms centred on fitness and wellness as a lifestyle are also opening up globally, as consumers put health and wellbeing at the centre of their identity. 

Wearable wellness tech, already a popular category, now increasingly includes mental wellness focused offerings.

One example of this is WellBe, a new stress-tracking bracelet that alerts wearers to when they are in situations that cause their stress levels to soar.

Sleep is increasingly in focus, with sleep playlists high in popularity on Spotify and consumers encouraged by industry professionals “not to view sleep as a lifestyle choice, but to respect it as they do diet and exercise, as a core health building block”.

Wellness holidays are also growing in popularity, with an increasing number of wellness travel companies emerging, as is healthy eating.

“Consumers are aware that eating habits directly influence quality of life. This is fuelling unprecedented demand for healthier eating options,” the Euromonitor report stated.