Wellness to influence death in 2019, says GWS

“Dying well”, super-personalised nutritionand next-generation meditation will be some of 2019’s biggest wellness trends, says the Global Wellness Summit.

The GWS detailed eight key wellness trends predicted to have the biggest impact on the industry this year in a new report. 

Wellness’s brush with death will see people become interested in alternatives to modern Western medicine’s approach and looking back to “healing communal rituals”, coupled with a backlash against Silicon Valley’s pursuit of biotech that aims to extend life.

Described as a “death positive” movement in the report, the GWS predicts the emergence of a more “well” interpretation of the dying process as part of a mentally healthy life.

The report cites a growing number of people around the world who are exploring wisdom and practices around death from different cultures in a bid to develop acceptance techniques for a happier life.

Hyper-personalised nutrition 

Nutrition was also a focus in the report, set to become even more highly personalised in the year ahead. Spurred on by low-cost medical testing and new technologies to analyse each individual’s nutritional needs, GWS thinks we’ll see big changes in the way people think about nutrition.

This includes a move away from “one size fits all” health and wellness practices. Instead, people will become more interested in using blood and DNA analysis services to that focus solely on meeting their personal nutritional needs, as well as new apps and devices that measure nutrients, calories, hydration and energy output.

The developing study of epigenetics also offers promise for knowing more about what’s happening inside the body and how it responds to external factors.

The evolution of meditation 

The report also pinpoints meditation as a practice primed for evolution into different “breeds” depending on the goal. With clinical trials underway to study the core types – listed as focused attention, open monitoring (including mindfulness meditation) and self-transcending; as well as a crop of meditation technologies ready to boost the experience, meditation will become a “plural toolbox” for mental wellness, says the report.

The GWS’s other wellness trends for 2019 are: “well fashion”– “sustainable, ethical, actively healing and meaningful clothing”; tackling “overtourism” with wellness, “medicalising” nature to deal with ill health; wellness fragrances and China as wellness powerhouse.


This year's Global Wellness Summit will be held in Hong Kong. The event co-chairs were recently announced.