What are the best techniques for male facial waxing?

Published 18th Feb 2016 by PB Admin
What are the best techniques for male facial waxing?

Male waxing expert and brand ambassador for Perron Rigot UK Jack Dunn reveals all

As the male grooming business continues to expand we’re seeing a lot more clients booking in for facial waxing treatments. It’s no different to waxing any other body part in terms of preparation and how you treat the skin afterwards, but the best way to carry out these treatments is to use a good-quality, non-strip wax because it’s gentler and the skin doesn’t react the way it does with strip wax.

Apply a little bit of pre-wax oil underneath the wax as this will protect the skin, but because it’s for a very small quantity of wax it’s important you only add a drop or two. Too much oil will create a lipid barrier and the wax will just float on top, not gripping the hairs. Don’t forget to blot over the oil lightly with a tissue to remove any excess before you wax.

In terms of eyebrows, most men don’t want too much hair removed, so don’t go deep. If you’re taking hair from underneath the brow keep it straight or slightly angled. When waxing nose hair use a small spatula and pinch the nostril in the middle while applying the wax across the base, then gently push the spatula back onto the wax and leave it there. When it’s ready, pinch the middle of the nostril to support the area and firmly but quickly pull the spatula downwards to remove. Afterwards, place a drop of post-waxing product on your client’s finger and let them moisturise the nostrils before giving them a tissue to clean up.

Hairy ear lobes are also easy to wax and look great afterwards. Ask your client to lie on his side and then give his ears a good cleanse before waxing. To avoid dropping wax onto his hair use a clean paper strip and in the middle cut out a semi-circle to create a guard, before placing on the back of his ear. Now, any wax that drops will fall onto the paper and not into your client’s hair. Also, if your client has little hairs on the inside of the ear lobe, place a small piece of cotton wool into the ear canal to avoid dropping any wax in there too.

Jack Dunn is a male waxing expert and brand ambassador for Perron Rigot UK. He runs The Jack Dunn Waxing School and will talk about manscaping – the ultimate guide to back, chest, ears and nostril waxing – as part of the “How to…” seminar programme at Professional Beauty London on February 29. Register online for your free ticket to the show. Seminar tickets cost £5 per session.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 18th Feb 2016

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