What to expect from PB World's IMF and CIPI conference streams for brands and distributors

Published 15th Feb 2021 by PB Admin
What to expect from PB World's IMF and CIPI conference streams for brands and distributors

Professional Beauty World is hosting its second virtual summit from February 28 to March 2, 2021. If you joined us back in September 2020, you'll know we hosted world-leading education across six different conference streams dedicated to growing your business, bringing you international education and connecting you with industry professionals. 

What will the International Manufacturers and Distributors Forum cover?

The International Manufacturers and Distributors Forum, over the years, has provided an opportunity for manufacturers and distributors to connect and to learn. What is shared are the wins and challenges of either being a manufacturer or distributor or both.

Manufacturing a beauty brand, seeking business partners outside of the home market to represent the brand can be akin to finding a "life partner"; and it's the same for distributors. There needs to be chemistry, as in any relationship, along with sound business practices.

On Day One at the IMF, we will be covering headline news: the impact of lockdown on the high street and the blending or blurring of retail and digital as we transition into the new era of "phygital" retail, and the hot topic of Brexit – the real impact it is having on business and the beauty industry.

Day Two will guide you through routes to expansion and how to leverage the power of subsidiaries, consultants and distributors.

We will hear from brand founders, manufacturers and entrepreneur mentors how to conceptualise, launch and grow a brand. 

Day three will share secrets to success in building partnerships.

What will Cosmetics, Ingredients & Packaging International (CIPI) cover?

Cosmetics Ingredients & Packaging International is the place to be if you see yourself being the next global beauty brand or indie start-up.

Day One is all about the ingredients. We'll cover how to set the recommended retail price based on the cost of goods that leads to sustainable business.

We'll also focus on beauty miles: how far are you prepared to travel to source the rarest ingredients but at what cost? With terms like "clean beauty" being on everyone's lips, how do we formulate green?

Packaging is the focus for day two, with sustainable options leading the conversation. We'll be sharing practical tips, covering the reality of the circular economy – what the beauty industry doing now where are we heading?

We end with manufacturing on day three, hearing from heritage brands that have been manufacturing for decades and a start-up brand that has chosen to manufacture outside of its home market. We'll cover the value of retailers and how they can support and scale growth. 

Kirsty Mawhinney is founder of Skin Insight, and organiser of Cosmetics, Ingredients & Packaging International and International Manufacturers and Distributors Forum.

To join either conference stream, just register for Professional Beauty World for free here

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 15th Feb 2021

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