What to expect from the nutrition and microbiome panel at the WSW Convention 2019

Dr George Gaitanos, scientific director at Henri Chenot, will speak on the “Nutrition and Microbiome: Integrating these Pillars of Wellness into your Business Model” panel on Sunday, February 24 at the WSW Convention. 

Why are you addressing the topic of nutrition and the microbiome?

"Our bodies have a complex eco system called the microbiome which consists of trillions of microorganisms, formed mainly by bacteria, but also fungi, parasites and viruses. Most of this resides in the small and large intestines. There is an urgent need to improve our understanding of the role of nutrition on the composition of the gut microbial community, as it influences daily physiological processes and regulates metabolic processes, and the production of toxins and carcinogens."

What’s the most exciting area of research on this topic?

"At present, the gut microbiome presents us with many complexities due to the fact that the gut microbial profile is unique to each person, evolving over a lifetime and influenced by many factors. New research opportunities for nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition are on the way."

How can spas integrate nutrition into their guest offer?

"Developing dietary interventions based on a client’s profile to optimise gut microbial composition could be an important practice for personalised nutrition in a medical spa set up. In the future, individuals could be classified according to the way their gut microbiota responds to a certain dietary intervention, and diets with inner prebiotics with other supplementation could have profound implications in a medical-oriented spa set up."

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