What information to include on a waxing consultation form?

Waxing consultation form

Q: What information should I include on a waxing consultation form?

When designing a specialised waxing consultation form for your salon, you need to include a section on contraindications that could affect the condition of the skin during or after hair removal.

If specific contraindications are not discussed beforehand it could result in skin lifting, known as “skinning”, on the area that’s being treated. This will make it sore and could put your salon at risk of an insurance claim being made.

The contraindications to include on your form include the use of Roaccutane, AHAs and BHAs, vitamin A derivatives, retin A, retinol and steroid creams, as these can make the skin fragile.

For example, Roaccutane, a tablet form of acne medication, affects the condition of skin all over the body and can stay in a client’s system for between six months and a year after use. A patch test should be provided to ensure the client is suitable for waxing services.

Your consultation forms should also be updated every three to six months, and clients should sign and date the form on each review

Jenny HunterJenny Hunter is a waxing therapist at wax specialist salon NKD in Nottingham, lead trainer at the salon’s training academy and brand ambassador for professional waxing brand Perron Rigot.

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