What to take into consideration when choosing a spray-tanning machine

What should I take into consideration when choosing a spray-tanning machine?

High-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) machines are generally more efficient than low-volume, low-pressure (LVLP) spray tan guns. An HVLP machine ensures that the beauty salon is as productive as possible as it enables the therapist to finish the spray tan treatment in less than 10 minutes without compromising on the overall bronzed finish.

These systems allow larger quantities of solution to be sprayed onto the client at a lower pressure than LVLP technology, covering a greater area of the body and ensuring the finest atomisation and reduced overspray. HVLP transports high volumes of air, generated by a turbine to the spray gun via a flexible hose. The machine then reduces this air to ensure that there is a fine and precise flow control.

LVLP machines are slightly better for tanning smaller areas, but they can be quite slow when spraying, so when choosing a machine for a salon it may not be advisable to choose an LVLP gun if you are running a business where you’re performing this treatment on a daily basis. These machines also require a compressor so are heavier and can take longer to manoeuvre during the spray tanning session compared to an HVLP gun.

Karina Iszatt is global product category consultant for spray tan machine brand Aura and manages projects developing new spray tanning technology. Aura is the personal care division of the Swiss Wagner Group, which manufactures systems for surface finishing.