Where to invest in fitness for your spa this year

Guest blog: The latest fitness trends set to impact the spa industry in 2019 surround a greater integration of services, says Daniel Remon 

The continual emergence of wellness as a lifestyle is bridging the gap between traditional fitness and spa, and what we’re now seeing is a fusion of lifestyle-integrated services and solutions. 

As health continues to drive consumer behaviour, greater integration of services that include more than just working out and relaxing treatments will come to the fore. Guests are now seeking a complete integration of lifestyle-enhancing solutions, so there will be greater demand for fitness coaches and nutritionists, as well as stress and work-life balance coaching, all available under one roof. 

The acceptance of coaching as an effective tool to achieve any goal, whether it be health, life, energy, relationships or business-related, will continue to fuel this ongoing demand for quality coaches that specialise in different fields. The need to add greater value to spa customers will also see a shift in offering new education-based seminars, potentially online and via various social media platforms. 

There will also be a big focus on collaboration in an effort to minimise travel to different service providers. Reducing the need to employ professionals themselves, smart operators will connect with experts in different fields to provide a range of integrated services and programmes. Technology will also see greater traction, with companies sharing data, statistics and education with their customers. 

Daniel Remon is founder of Bangkok-based Fitcorp Global, a health and performance coaching company. He was also a speaker at the 2018 WSW Asia Convention