[Updated] Where to turn for mental health support

As the beauty industry becomes more aware of the common mental health issues that can have an impact on therapists' wellbeing and work performance, it's important to get to know the help and support available for staff and salon owners alike.

Unfortunately, it's now more common for therapists to feel mentally exhausted and emotionally drained from their job, especially with the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognising burnout as a medical condition and emotional wellbeing retreats coming to the fore to help people deal with high levels of stress and anxiety. 

7 mental health resources for both those in employment and the self-employed:

If self-employed and unable to work because of illness, injury or disability, the following benefits may be available: 

There are other unrelated benefits that someone may become entitled to or be eligible for an increase in because of a change in income:

These are the initiatives you need to implement in your business to avoid therapist burnout