Why you should invest in quality furniture for your spa business

The experts at salon and spa furniture manufacturers REM share why investing in high quality furniture is essential for your business and your clients - sponsored story.

These days life is fast; family, deadlines, overtime, bills, administration, shopping, cleaning, walking the dog and so it goes on and before you know it you've blinked and a week has passed with not a minute to yourself. 

You get a text message from your hair salon reminding you it’s been six months since your last haircut, or your beard has started to make you look like the lost member of ZZ Top. You've got razor burn on your legs from that blunt disposable razor, you know the one; on the edge of your bath with the tiny spots of rust forming on the blades that you've ignored. 

When was the last time you pampered yourself a little? You walk into a salon and the first thing that hits you is that smell of soft scented products, familiar smells like the first whiff of sun cream in summer. You sit down in a chair with smooth leather cushioning your overworked back. You look at yourself in the brightly lit mirror and say: 'This was overdue'. 

Whatever you're there for you wish you got this treatment every day, whether it’s a hair wash and scalp massage followed by a tidy up and blow dry of your locks or hot towels on your face and a close, clean shave. You'll be smoothed and layered, soft, moisturised and feeling ready for the world and all you had to do was sit; sit sipping a coffee and absorbing your surroundings; the polished wood and shiny mirrors, the silver flash of scissors cutting away the dry split ends. Stylish, spotless straight edges and clean modern furniture. Comfortable, relaxed, pampered. 

This is an experience only the experts can provide and you owe it to yourself once in a while. 

See the range of furniture for your business at REM.

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