WSWC speaker in the spotlight: Tanya Chernova

Published 02nd Feb 2018 by PB Admin
WSWC speaker in the spotlight: Tanya Chernova

Seasoned keynote speaker Tanya Chernova is hosting two pre-event workshops in connection to the 2018 World Spa & Wellness Convention in London

We speak to Chernova about the two workshops – taking place on Saturday, February 24 – her speaking style, and the secret to success.

What can delegates expect from your sessions at the World Spa & Wellness Convention?
To be inspired, uplifted and recharged. They can expect to be reignited in their passion for beauty and wellness and to be informed and empowered with a new vision for success.

Delegates will walk away with a mindset and skillset that will allow them to go back to their daily jobs with a fresh perspective and make a difference in the businesses they run and serve.

One of the workshops is aimed at spa and salon operators, and the other at sales and education professionals. Why did you feel they should be two separate sessions?
Although both groups are working towards the same overall goal of offering wellness and beauty to the public, they each have their own challenges when it comes to achieving their goals and it’s important that they are both able to express their needs and fears. 

Over the course of my career, I have worked as an aesthetician, spa manager, multi brand sales representative, account manager, educator, manufacturer and consultant. I have a unique understanding of the entire process and the tools required to help the different groups work together more effectively.

What would you like attendees to take away from the workshops?
A greater clarity as to what their role is in the lives of their clients. An action plan for authentically growing their retail and service sales and being the number one spa/wellness choice for their clients. For sales and education teams: a stronger idea of the support their spa clients require from them and proven strategies for growing their market share in their region.

You are very experienced public speaker. How would you describe your approach?
My intention is to touch each person in a significant way. To flip the switch that unlocks their potential and help them see things from a different perspective, creating a new mindset that allows them to recognise their limitations and transform the results they get. I help people open up, and I also offer practical easy-to-implement skills that empower them to dream and achieve 

Why do you think it's important for industry professionals to attend events like the World Spa & Wellness Convention?
It’s imperative. You have to venture away from your spa, so you can look back as an observer and objectively examine what’s working, and what you’re capable of changing. You also need to listen to others in your industry and share pain and best practice. Connecting to a community of likeminded peers helps you know that you’re not alone, become inspired by new ideas and go back home refreshed and ready to do the best for yourself and your brand. 

What are they key reasons you wanted to be part of the World Spa & Wellness Convention?
I speak all over the world, to all kinds of people and businesses, but I grew up in the spa industry and events like the World Spa & Wellness Convention make me feel like I’m coming home. I love to geek out and be inspired by what’s new, and to share new ideas with the delegates. My goal has always been the same: to elevate standards in our industry and help lead change.

Your biography mentions that you have a passion for the “neuroscience of success”. Could you explain what that term means?
The Neuroscience of Success is a passion, a keynote and a workshop that I share around the world. It helps us understand how our mind processes our life experiences to create our subconscious survival strategies at an early age. They are triggered when we face fear and are at the root of self-sabotage.

This presents itself as negative inner chatter or physical symptoms (such as headaches or illness) when we try to go beyond our comfort zone – to keep us “safe” from the risk of failure, rejection and pain of life. Unfortunately these strategies become the very obstacles we need to overcome within ourselves in order to move forward, and we must therefore reprogramme our minds. 

Spas are an essential part of this as they are places people go to in order to really get in touch with their inner dialogue and listen to their body’s messages. I work with spas to maximise their guests’ inner connection in pre and post-treatment discovery exercises. All of which drives loyalty, referral and sales.

Tanya Chernova's two workshps at the 2018 World Spa & Wellness Convention are:

Grow your spa appeal to drive bookings and sales (for spa owners, directors and managers)

Find your authentic voice and become a conscious sales-person (for sales and education teams) 

You must have purchased a World Spa & Wellness Convention (WSWC) delegate pass to be able to book one of the Tanya Chernova workshops. The workshops are priced at £49 + VAT each once you purchase your WSWC delegate pass at will recieve the link to book the business workshops in your confirmation email. 

If you have already booked your delegate pass, please email [email protected] 

Please note that your WSW badge will also give you free access to Professional Beauty London. If you don’t wish to attend the conference you can register for free to the show.


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PB Admin

Published 02nd Feb 2018

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