WSWC speaker spotlight: Mia Kyricos

Mia Kyricos, the president and chief executive of Kyricos & Associates is speaking as part of the Build a Spa Community panel on Sunday, February 25 and the Digital Detox & Mental Wellness Creative Networking Session on Monday, February 26.

What would you like delegates to take away from your two sessions?

That the world of spa and wellness is much broader and more sophisticated today than it used to be, which has implications for the work we do, the positions we hold and the customers we serve.

What are the key reasons you want to speak at the convention?

I chair the Wellness Communities initiative for the Global Wellness Institute and as part of this I’ve been exposed to a variety of perspectives around the world that present great opportunities for the industry and that I would like to share. Additionally, I’ve had to learn the mental health and wellbeing importance of disconnecting from the 24/7 world we live in and I’m curious how others experience that.

Why are Build a Spa Community and Digital Detox & Mental Wellness important topics to address?

Building a successful spa community is not just about what takes place within the four walls of a spa or wellness retreat, there are now full-blown communities with spa and wellbeing at the heart of their offering. Knowing when and how to digitally disconnect is essential to our personal wellbeing, as well as that of our customers.

How do you feel about public speaking?

I see it as a privilege; it’s an honour to be asked and a responsibility to provide value in exchange for people’s most valuable asset: time. It wasn’t always something I enjoyed but after years of practice, it’s become second nature and I love it. However, the pressure to deliver value never goes away and I do my best to prepare in a manner that’s respectful of those in the audience.

Why is it important for industry professionals to attend events like the World Spa & Wellness Convention?

You’re never too experienced to learn. The convention gives the opportunity to walk the trade show floor, listen to presentations and meet new people. It’s also one of the few events to blend strategic insight and education with operational practicality.

What do you look for from the industry events you attend?

I evaluate them across three primary dimensions: 1) If there will be an opportunity to network with existing or prospective clients, partners and employers; 2) If it will expose me to new and evolving cultures and geographies; 3) If it will give me an opportunity to “pay it forward” to forums where I’ve been lucky enough to learn over the years.

In what direction do you anticipate the spa and wellness sector moving in the next 10 years?

I believe that over the next decade the spa and wellness industry will be seen as essential to wellbeing. We are currently in the middle of an evolution in understanding whereby the services we provide are being taken more seriously by traditional health establishments. In 10 years I see us existing in a better partnership with both consumers and the medical community.