WSWC speaker spotlight: Sammy Gharieni

Sammy Gharieni, chief executive and founder of Gharieni, is contributing to the Boost Your Revenue Per Guest Creative Networking Session at the 2018 World Spa & Wellness Convention.

The seession takes place on Monday, February 26.

What would you like delegates to take away from your session?
I’ve been in the spa and wellness industry for more than 25 years and would like to share important insight that participants can use daily in their businesses to enhance revenue.

Due to our collaboration with the amazing Âme Spa at the Turnberry Isle resort in Miami, where we run a fully operational showroom, our company has a lot of experience on the spa side.

What are the key reasons you want to speak at the convention?
The Gharieni group has supported the World Spa & Wellness Convention for many years. As an innovator in the industry we love to take part in creative processes and share our valuable experience with others.

Why is Enhance your Revenue Per Guest an important topic to address?
Enhancing revenue per guest offers the opportunity to dedicate more time to each client and deliver a higher level of quality. This means the customer will have a deeper wellness experience and is more likely to become a return client.

How do you feel about public speaking?
The ability to speak in front of many people develops over time but it’s easy when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about.

Why is it important for industry professionals to attend events like the World Spa & Wellness Convention?
It’s always important to learn new things, discover the latest trends and hear different points of view.

What do you look for from the industry events you attend?
Networking is one of the most important aspects. Many key ideas, for projects like the WellMassage4D treatment concept and our multi-sensory augmented massage, were born as a result of meeting industry experts at networking events.

In what direction do you anticipate the spa and wellness sector moving in the next 10 years?
I think we’ll see more and more see medical aspects move into spas, with high-tech equipment blending with more traditional methods to develop modern signature treatments. Spa visits will continue to become increasingly holistic wellness experiences.

Sammy Gharieni is speaking as part of the Creative Networking Session on Boost your Revenue Per Guest at 15.15 on Monday, February 26

The 2018 World Spa & Wellness Convention takes place at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London on February 25-26.

Convention passes are £165+ VAT for one day and £247+ VAT for two days. To access the complete programme and to reserve your place for two days of networking and education, click