Younger travellers more wellness-focused, report finds

Wellness elements are a bigger travel priority for Millennials than for their older counterparts, according to new data from Spafinder Wellness.

The second part of Spafinder Wellness’s eighth annual State of Wellness Travel Report revealed that those under 50, Millennials and younger Generation X members, prioritise wellness aspects of travel to a greater extent than those over 50 – Baby Boomers and older Generation X members.

The report is based on feedback from travel agents across North America and Europe, looking at 16 different wellness components. While every categoy ranked as at least “important” with all age groups, those under 50 consistently gave higher scores on the 1-10 scale.

The biggest differences were seen in the categories of outdoor adventure programmes and activities, fitness/yoga facilities and classes, voluntourism and community-based initiatives and the property being eco-friendly.

Spafinder Wellness chief operating officer John Bevan said: “Not only do younger travellers demand more wellness offerings in general, they seek more intensive, out-in-nature adventure and fitness.”

Fore the Baby Boomer generation, a luxury spa resort is the property of choice, while a beach destination tops the list for Millennials and Gen X travellers. 

The third favourite property type for these two groups is authentic yoga retreats, a property type that does not figure in the Baby Boomer’s top four.

Bevan said: “The survey shines light on what’s ascending for the next generation in wellness travel, but also shows that Boomers still rank traditional spa resorts first. The landscape is expanding and is more complex, and less one-size-fits-all than ever.”

Other categories looked at in the report include healthy sleep programmes, alternative medical services, weight loss programmes, hot or mineral springs and traditional sports, including golf and tennis.