90% of Brits admit to attempting DIY beauty at home to save money

Published 13th Nov 2023 by Kezia Parkins

A survey by local services marketplace, Yell has found that 90% of Brits admit to attempting DIY hair and beauty treatments at home before seeing a professional, with 68% of those claiming to do so to save money.

When it comes to DIY home treatments, hair and beauty are some of the most DIY-ed projects out there according to Yell some of which come with more than just a botched job but also potential risks. 

From DIY nail extensions to at-home lash lifts, Yell has revealed the most common at-home DIY hair and beauty mishaps and which of those are most commonly corrected by a professional. 

The Most Popular At-Home Hair & Beauty DIYs

As well as saving money, saving time was found to be a driving factor for DIY beauty with 42% giving this reason. Meanwhile, 23% admitted attempting beauty treatments at home ‘because it looked easy on social media’. 18-25-year-olds are least likely to try a DIY to save money, instead being inspired by an influencer making it look easy online.

The most common at-home DIYs are facemasks (55%), trimming hair (50%), colouring hair (48%), cutting fringe (36%) and teeth whitening (33%). At-home waxing (33%) and tanning (28%) were also among the top treatments done at home.

18% of those surveyed said they had attempted at-home nail extensions which can run the risk of allergic reactions to certain products used improperly while 7% said they had done DIY brow lamination and lash lifts which can also be hazardous and cause allergies and damage to the hair from over-processing.

Cost of Corrections

A bad at-home DIY means a swift trip to visit a professional to get it fixed. 52% of those surveyed have had to get an at-home treatment corrected by a professional. 

While DIY may be initially to save money, a correction can be costly. 62% of those surveyed admit to spending between £50 and £500 on getting things corrected by a professional. An average of £123 per person is regularly spent on top of the original DIY price to fix any mistakes, fails and mishaps. This can be anything from hair colour disasters, bleaching gone wrong or beauty treatments such as nail or lash extension corrections. 3% of those surveyed have even paid over £500 to get a DIY corrected. 26-33-year-olds are likely to spend the most on corrections (£139.74), while 18-25 spend the least (£107.94).

The Trend of DIY

The internet is a huge educational tool when it comes to DIY hair and beauty treatments. Social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are a wealth of ‘how-tos’ for hair and beauty recommendations. Over 57% of those surveyed used YouTube and 29% used TikTok to get their tips on how to do an at-home DIY. 

TikTok is moving up the ranking of the most commonly used platform for 18 to 25-year-olds as 48% of those surveyed claim to use TikTok for hair and beauty tips - the highest of any demographic. Interestingly expert guides from hairdressers and beauticians are least likely to be used for tips and advice, with only 25% using this for their DIY.

Regional Differences

Whilst people across the UK are trying at-home hair and beauty treatments, Londoners are most likely to try DIY-ing (96%) - especially when it comes to Hair Extensions (24%), Lash Extensions (16%) and Eyebrow Lamination (13%). The East Midlands are least likely to have tried to DIY a hair or beauty treatment (84%)

If you're from Scotland you are least likely to be influenced by a celebrity when it comes to trying out a new hair or beauty trend at home (3%), while Londoners are most likely to use TikTok (39%) or Influencers (34%) for their inspiration.   

Londoners are also most likely to have to get a DIY corrected with 70% admitting to having something corrected by a professional. They are most likely to have to seek the help of a professional to correct at-home Hair Extensions (13%) and Lash Extensions (7%). Only in the East of England do individuals have to get their Gel Nails corrected by a professional.

Londoners are spending the most when it comes to corrections, spending an average of £156.71 on a correction, whilst the North East is spending the least at £80.51 on average.

What are the most common DIY botched beauty jobs you have to correct in salon? Let us know in the comments...

Kezia Parkins

Kezia Parkins

Published 13th Nov 2023

Kezia Parkins is the deputy editor of Professional Beauty. She has a background in medical journalism and is also as trained nail tech. As such, she is particularly passionate about all thing nails, as well as the science behind beauty products and treatments. Contact her at [email protected]

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