Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis: A Leader in Sustainable Beauty

Published 13th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Explore Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis' journey as a trailblazer in sustainable beauty, from co-founding Arnim/Taxis to consulting at Team Dr Joseph. Discover how she leverages her diverse career background to champion sustainability in the beauty industry at IMF London 2024.

Insight into Beatrice and the Industry

Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis, co-founder of Arnim/Taxis and international sales consultant for Team Dr Joseph, brings a diverse career background spanning roles in product development, retail strategies, and ethical sustainability. As Co-Founder of Arnim/Taxis, Beatrice empowers beauty businesses through strategic consultancy in product development, cutting-edge retail strategies, and sales optimisation. Beatrice's experience at AWvi and as Founder of 2Bsustainable-consulting highlights her dedication to driving positive change. With expertise in international sales from her position at Team Dr Joseph and previous roles at Susanne Kaufmann, Beatrice is committed to advancing sustainable practices in the beauty industry.

Looking ahead, Beatrice's aspirations for Team Dr Joseph are deeply rooted in fostering positive change in the beauty industry. She aims to demonstrate that sustainability is not merely a marketing slogan but a fundamental ethos guiding the brand's operations.

In terms of emerging trends, Beatrice keeps a keen eye on individualisation of products, the convergence of inner and outer beauty, advancements in sustainable packaging technologies, and the rise of biotechnological processes and ingredients.

A Sneak Peek into the ‘Practical Sustainability’ Panel

What practical advice / solutions will you share in the panel?

Beatrice's session at the IMF London 2024 panel on "Practical Sustainability" promises valuable insights and practical advice for brands and distributors in the beauty industry. She will share examples of sustainable practices employed by Team Dr Joseph, including packaging innovations, carbon emissions reduction strategies, and initiatives promoting biodiversity conservation.

What can delegates expect from this panel?

Beatrice believes that sustainability is not only an ethical imperative but also a strategic advantage in today's market. Attendees can expect to gain valuable knowledge and motivation to drive sustainability efforts within their own brands, ultimately contributing to both environmental and commercial success.

How will this panel encourage delegates to expand their brand?

Her session aims to inspire attendees to expand their brands by embracing sustainability and making a positive impact on the world. Beatrice emphasises that individual actions, no matter how small they may seem, can collectively contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

IMF London 2024 Expectations

Beatrice looks forward to attending the IMF to gain insights into the international market and hopes to implement best practices learned from other brands' sustainability efforts. She eagerly anticipates hearing from all the key speakers at the show.

Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis will be joined by Laura Rudoe - founder of Evolve Organic Beauty and Adaptology Skincare, Oriele Frank - co-founder and chief product & sustainability officer of Elemis, Pauline Prescott - founder of Formulae Prescott, and Stevi Lowmass - founder of The Camel Soap Factory on the panel ‘Practical Sustainability: How do brands and distributors adopt the sustainability path and achieve commercial viability?’ - Monday 4 March 15:45

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Published 13th Feb 2024

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