Chris Dodge: breaking barriers in the beauty industry

Published 06th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Explore Chris Dodge's strategic journey in the beauty industry as CEO of Beauty Bridge Labs. Uncover his innovative approach to overcoming disparities, opening the European market, and leveraging post-Brexit dynamics. Gain practical insights from the IMF London 2024 panel 'Producing Your Own Brand', promising actionable strategies for brand expansion.


Insight into Chris Dodge and the Industry

CEO of Beauty Bridge Labs, Chris Dodge, is an industry veteran with a keen eye for strategic business moves who has successfully navigated the challenges posed by the historical disparities in the beauty and hair industry. Facing the EU's resistance to a level playing field for UK and US products, Dodge acquired a lab in Europe, creatively repurposing it to bridge the gap and provide fair access for UK and US products throughout Europe.

Looking ahead, Dodge aspires to open up the entire European market, allowing its 500 million consumers to access and choose products from the UK and the US. Embracing the belief that more choice is always better, Dodge aims to leverage the evolving regulatory landscape post-Brexit to increase business and foster international cooperation.

In terms of emerging trends, Dodge closely monitors the transitions between US moCRA regulations, the strategic positioning of the UK, and the EU's response as they compete for the European consumer.


A Sneak Peek into the ‘Producing Your Own Brand’ Panel

What practical advice / solutions will you share in the panel?   

  1. Unlocking full access to the EU market at costs comparable to current contract lab arrangements.

  2. Leveraging the post-Brexit environment to expand business opportunities.

  3. Guiding brands on the optimal timing to consider bringing some or all of their production in-house. 

Why do you think this panel is relevant to the industry right now?

This panel holds significant relevance as it sheds light on the opportunity for the UK and US to establish a level playing field in the EU, providing practical insights into achieving this goal. 

How will this panel encourage delegates to expand their brand?

Delegates can expect to learn cost-effective strategies to reopen the EU market, catering to its 500 million consumers. Dodge will also outline incremental steps to navigate the US market amidst evolving regulations.

What can delegates expect from this panel?

Delegates can anticipate real, actionable insights that empower them to save costs and grow their brands amidst the ever-changing market dynamics.


IMF London 2024 Expectations

In anticipation of the IMF, Chris Dodge expresses excitement about reuniting with old friends and forming new connections. When asked about his expectations, Dodge emphasises the goal of dismantling the barriers of "Fortress Europe", enabling the successful integration of UK and US products into the European market.

Watch the live interview with Chris Dodge at Professional Beauty Group HQ for more insights


Chris Dodge will be joined by Chris Taylor,Daniel Campbell, and Gianmarco Alfonso on the panel ‘Producing Your Own Brand: Strategies to master formulation, packaging and production’ - Sunday 3 March at 11:15

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Published 06th Feb 2024

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