Edouard Falguières: Navigating Global Expansion in the Beauty Industry

Published 07th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Discover strategies for global beauty industry expansion, franchise development, and market penetration insights. Join Edouard Falguières at the 'Launching Into New Markets' panel during IMF London 2024 and stay ahead in the beauty business landscape.

Insight into Edouard Falguières and the Industry:

Edouard Falguières, a seasoned figure in the beauty industry, serves as a beacon of innovation and strategic leadership as the International Franchise Director of Guinot. Throughout his career, he has confronted and overcome numerous challenges inherent in expanding a leading brand globally. For Guinot, securing top-tier distributors in various countries while nurturing a culture of continuous development among team members has been paramount. Falguières's commitment to innovation and differentiation is evident in his dedication to creating offerings that outshine competitors on a daily basis.

Falguières envisions the franchise model as the linchpin for Guinot's future success. With a firm belief in its potential, he aims to establish 5000 units worldwide, with a particular focus on flourishing in the French market. His aspirations reflect a profound understanding of the franchise model's efficacy in driving brand growth and penetration into new territories.

In navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty industry, Falguières prioritises Guinot's core strengths over chasing transient trends. He remains steadfast in his dedication to enhancing treatments, elevating consumer experiences, refining CRM strategies, and fostering innovation within the brand.

A Sneak Peek into the ‘Launching Into New Markets’ Panel

What practical advice / solutions will you share in the panel?   

 At the IMF London 2024 panel "Launching Into New Markets," Falguières will share invaluable practical advice and solutions honed through his vast experience. His guidance encompasses comprehensive approaches to finding new distribution channels, including meticulous market analysis, consumer behavior studies, salon visits, and professional networking. Additionally, Falguières stresses the importance of continual engagement with distributors, investing in comprehensive training for all teams, and providing unique tools to maintain a competitive edge.

Why do you think this panel is relevant to the industry right now?

Falguières believes this panel holds immense relevance for an industry marked by fierce competition and a relentless quest for expansion. By delving into strategies for international development and highlighting the plethora of opportunities available, the panel aims to embolden delegates in their pursuit of brand growth.

What can delegates expect from this panel?

Delegates can anticipate drawing from Falguières's wealth of experience and infectious energy to invigorate their expansion endeavors. His session promises to equip attendees with practical insights and actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of global expansion successfully. 

IMF London 2024 Expectations

Falguières eagerly anticipates the opportunity to connect with distributors and manufacturers at the IMF, highlighting the value of networking in driving industry progress. Among the key speakers, he looks forward to gaining insights from industry luminaries such as Duco van Keimpema and Michael Schummert, further enriching his perspective on the evolving landscape of beauty and franchising.

Watch the full live interview with Edouard Falguières and Mark Moloney

Edouard Falguières will be joined by Fernando Duarte, Margareta Bernauer, and Paul Bulman on the panel ‘Launching into new markets: “I want to be a global brand! Get me out of here!”’ - Monday 4 March 11:15

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Published 07th Feb 2024

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