CTPA manifesto calls for new Government strategy for beauty industry

Published 21st Feb 2024 by Lollie Hancock

The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Perfumery Association Limited (CTPA) has released its first ever manifesto ahead of the next general election.

The manifesto is calling for the next Government to develop a strategy for the cosmetics and personal care industry to secure the continued sustainable growth of the sector, laying out 12 key asks to form the basis of the dedicated strategy, underpinned by the pillars of Essentiality, Regulation, Science, Sustainability and Business.

The CTPA is hoping that the manifesto could lead to the first holistic, Government-supported strategy dedicated to the cosmetics, personal care, and beauty industry.

The next general election is due to be held some time before the end of January 2025, but no official date has been set yet.

What are the CTPA’s key asks of the Government?


The CTPA wants to ensure that UK Government policy recognises the essentiality and economic significance of our industry and addresses the needs of the industry accordingly, as is the case with other sectors, enabling it to continue contributing to the UK’s scientific leadership, diverse workforce, economy and growth.



The manifesto asks that the framework of the UK Cosmetics Regulation (UKCR), a key safety law, is preserved and continues to be sector-specific, risk-based and regulates the safe use of cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetic products.

It also asks that the UK Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH)

Maintains the availability of safe chemicals already on the UK market, thus ensuring the future of UK manufacturing.

When it comes to the internal market, the manifesto asks that business regulation affecting the UK’s internal market is introduced at the same time and in the same way across the whole of the UK and that differences between the four home nations are avoided and minimised as far as is possible.

As for the EU, the CTPA requests that a formal structure for dialogue and cooperation be set up between the UK and the EU for the cosmetics and personal care industry, like the agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on financial services.

Further afield, the CTPA believes that there should be faster UK ratification of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to put the FTA provisions into effect as soon as possible.



The CTPA is asking that any decisions being made on the safe use of cosmetic ingredients and finished cosmetics and personal care products follow a robust science-led and risk-based approach.

It is also pushing the Government to publish a strategy that establishes a commitment to integrate the use of animal-free methods into the safety assessment of chemicals.


The CTPA is asking that the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) consultation process has direct participation and involvement from the industry.

In addition, the Government are asked that detailed information on the EPR requirements, not broad intentions, are communicated as a matter of urgency for companies to have sufficient time to prepare.


The CTPA is requesting the return of tax-free shopping in the UK to boost tourism spending in stores and at airports, in the hope of attracting shoppers, encouraging brands to do business in the UK and to help UK companies and retailers still feeling the financial impacts of the pandemic.

To learn more about the manifesto, click here to read the full version.

Lollie Hancock

Lollie Hancock

Published 21st Feb 2024

Lollie Hancock is a content writer at Professional Beauty. She creates content for the website, magazine and social media channels. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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