Josko Deletis: Mastering Brand-Distributor Synergy

Published 21st Feb 2024 by Miranda

Unlock the secrets to fostering strong brand-distributor partnerships in today's business landscape. Learn practical strategies from industry expert Josko Deletis, Business Director at Asclepion Laser Technologies, ensuring mutual success and growth in an ever-evolving environment.

Insight into Josko and the industry

Josko Deletis stands at the forefront of business development and strategic leadership as the Business Director for Middle West, Africa, and South Asia at Asclepion Laser Technologies. With a rich background in navigating challenges and driving growth, Josko is dedicated to propelling his company to market leadership within the region over the next five years. Josko's adept leadership steered Asclepion Laser Technologies through recent global hurdles, including supply chain disruptions. By implementing diverse supplier bases, strategic inventory management, and transparent client communication, he not only mitigated risks but also fostered robust business relationships.

Josko's vision for the future is anchored in sustained growth and innovation. He prioritises enhanced training and a customer-centric ethos, aiming to solidify Asclepion's position as an industry leader in the region. With a keen eye on industry evolution, Josko monitors trends like customization and personalization closely. Leveraging cutting-edge diagnostics and AI, he envisions tailored skincare and haircare solutions that resonate with individual preferences.

Watch Josko’s reel offering a glimpse of his panel at IMF London

A Sneak Peek into the ‘Brand-Distributor’ Panel

Josko's session promises actionable insights, delving into the critical elements of successful brand-distributor partnerships, the significance of long-term vision, and essential questions for distributors and producers alike. Delegates can expect invaluable perspectives from both distributors and producers, fostering deeper understanding amidst today's complex business landscape. Josko advocates for aligning products with distributors who share similar values, paving the way for seamless brand expansion. An interactive session awaits, with Josko inviting all delegates to engage openly, ensuring a mutually enriching experience for everyone.

IMF London 2024 Expectations

Josko eagerly anticipates networking opportunities at the IMF, recognizing the power of connections in driving business growth. Open to fresh insights, Josko looks forward to implementing new ideas garnered from the event, enriching Asclepion's business strategies. While excited to reconnect with familiar faces, Josko is equally enthusiastic about learning from the diverse pool of speakers at IMF London 2024.

Josko will be joined by Ankit Virmani, Director of Esskay Group, and Colleen Martorano, VP of Global Professional Distribution at Amika on the panel ‘Finding and developing a great brand-distributor relationship in today’s environment’ - Sunday 3 March 15:45

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Published 21st Feb 2024

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