How to get your beauty business noticed on TikTok this summer

Published 17th May 2024 by Michelle Duffield

TikTok's new SMB Beauty Playbook outlines tips and tricks to help beauty businesses get noticed on the social media platform. Here are three key lessons:

1. Think of TikTok as a search engine

TikTok is an information network when it comes to beauty, said the platform. 

TikTok's research shows that six out of 10 consumers say that tutorials and “how-to” videos are the most popular forms of content in their product discovery journey.

With many consumers saying they use TikTok to search brand recommendations, low-cost dupes, beauty tutorials and make-up trends, it is clear to see that people trust people.

With TikTok, comes a personal touch on reviews and advice, making content searching and keeping up to trends and new brands at an all-time high. 

A survey of TikTok’s European user base found that 26% were inspired to find a brand or product from online tutorials.

The guide’s top tip for this section is to “keep it simple! Every business has a lot to say but try not to overwhelm your audience with information”.

Focusing on trending hashtags this summer, such as #affordablemakeup, #eyeshadowtutorial and #tiktokbeauty will help to put your business under the hot searches this summer.

2. Creative success stories

TikTok's summer guide offers a three-step process to gain successful viewership on the app, with a "hook, line and sinker approach"

Thought starters: For the "hook" aspect, TikTok recommends generating  engagement right off the bat with educational videos that tell your viewers about the latest tips, tricks and hacks with the products you provide and highlight the benefits of your services.

TikTok users are always turning to the platform for advice, so give them what they’re looking for. Increase awareness about your audience’s problems while offering a solution or a future outcome that they can aspire towards. 

The key message: following the "hook", drive trust by delivering your primary message in a clear and memorable way.

Consider this the "bait" of your ad. It should contain your service's selling points, key narrative, and the main highlights that your audience should take away.

Build trust in your brand's value and benefits, and get viewers interested in your service.

Answer questions such as “what do your competitors lack that you have?”, “why would someone want to buy your service?” and “what does your service do really well?”. 

Call to action: Get the catch of the day by ending with a clear, compelling call to action to encourage viewers to take the next step.

Close out with memorable closing remarks that you want your viewers to remember through text, voice-over, and/or graphics.

3. Create an organic strategy for TikTok

The frequency at which you’re posting has an impactful effect on your overall viewership, with results showing that the average posting frequency of verified Business Accounts on TikTok is 2.8 posts per week.

However, the top 100 brands with the highest engagement rates post an average of 4.2 posts per week.

For all these extra posts, TikTok suggests considering using unique narratives, such as founder POV, vlog styles or virtual vs real; showing what your product or service looks like online compared to in person. 

Read TikTok's full SMB Beauty Playbook here.

Michelle Duffield

Michelle Duffield

Published 17th May 2024

Michelle is the assistant editor to Aesthetic Medicine magazine.

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