How to maximise hair removal results with advanced laser technology

Published 20th May 2024 by PB Admin

Advances in diode laser technology are leading to improved safety, comfort, and results for patients, while offering maximum profitability for clinics.

Laser hair removal is a sought-after solution globally for its effectiveness. Unlike temporary methods like shaving or waxing, it offers long-lasting results, with reduced hair regrowth after each session.

Traditionally, practitioners have struggled to treat all skin and hair types safely and successfully. 

However, advances in diode technology are now leading to better outcomes through higher fluence, higher power and the use of multiple wavelengths.

The Elysion Pro device, for example, offers high power, fluence, and Ultra Short Pulse (USP) technology, making it effective for every patient, regardless of skin type or hair colour, and ensuring consistent results.

Using four different wavelengths, Elysion Pro offers a complete solution for hair removal on any skin tone. Its patented USP technology targets hair follicles without heating the skin, ensuring patient comfort and safety throughout the treatment. 

With high fluence and adjustable modes, each session is not only effective but also profitable for clinics.

What sets Elysion Pro apart from other devices?

Maximum profitability: With high power and high speed, Elysion Pro ensures safety and comfort for patients. 

Its versatile wavelengths effectively treat all skin types and residual hair, while combined wavelengths cater to tanned and dark skins. 

The dynamic mode with short pulses minimises discomfort.

Maximum safety: Elysion Pro's innovative technology guarantees safety for patients of all skin types. 

Its advanced cooling system, Crystal Freeze technology, provides optimal skin protection and comfort throughout the treatment.

Maximum comfort: Patients experience comfort during Elysion Pro treatments. Its different spot sizes ensure total contact, safety, and efficiency in treating every area of the body, making the experience pleasant and hassle-free.

With Elysion Pro, clinics can expand their range of treatments and attract a wider range of clients seeking permanent hair-removal solutions. 

Its versatility and effectiveness make it the go-to choice for both practitioners and patients, ensuring maximum satisfaction and long-term success in the beauty industry.

This is a sponsored post in association with Sinclair.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 20th May 2024

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