How to achieve glowing skin with advanced treatments

Published 04th Dec 2023 by Admin

Innovation, science and technology are still key in delivering skin health, as we see more consumers seek out advanced treatments and products which deliver clinical results. 

Treatments that are becoming especially sought after are those that combine multiple technologies to really supercharge skin treatment and bring luminosity to a whole new level.

Treatments such as peels help to renew and resurface the skin, nanoinfusion technology can help infuse active ingredients into the skin while LED light therapy helps to diminish signs of ageing, reducing breakouts while enhancing results with no downtime. 

Dermalogica’s new Luminfusion treatment 

Dermalogica’s brand-new 60-minute skin treatment combines all of the above technologies at customisable levels to deliver the ultimate glow.

A double cleanse is followed by a peel packed with retinol, salicylic, and lactic acid that offers a professional exfoliation.

The skin therapist then performs nanoinfusion over the peel, supporting ingredient penetration and amplifying skin resurfacing.

As a final layer of exfoliation, the peel is removed with an application of a rice-based powder exfoliator which activates upon contact with water to reveal visibly brighter skin halfway through the treatment.  

The client is then prepped for red light therapy (LED) to support the skin’s repair process, helping to smooth skin texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

A mask is then applied to work synergistically with LED and amplify treatment results which when removed, instantly reveals smoother, more radiant, glass-like skin. 

Luminfusion also uses Dermalogica’s Pro Pen for microneedling and nanoinfusion. 

“Clients are demanding more from their skin treatments, but don’t want to settle for lengthy recovery time,” says Dermalogica education director, Angela Taylor.  “Luminfusion combines Dermalogica’s highly personalised approach to skin treatments with the most advanced techniques to effectively treat clients’ most serious skin concerns.”

Discover how Luminfusion can enhance your business today at

This is a sponsored story in partnership with Dermalogica.



Published 04th Dec 2023

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